Jill Zarin Gets Late Husband Bobby's Blessing to Move On In Emotional 'Hollywood Medium' Reading
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"There's no question Bobby was here," Zarin exclaims after the reading.

Jill Zarin got some much needed closure with late husband Bobby Zarin on Thursday's new episode of "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry."

The "Real Housewives of New York" star lost Bobby in January 2018, after a battle with cancer. "Bobby's passing was very public and I think that the way to keep him alive is through talking about him, so I'm all in," said Jill on the E! series, which was filmed nine months after his death.

The reality star brought Henry some of Bobby's personal belongings, including a blanket she made for him that he slept with the last week of his life. When the medium connected with Jill's husband, he sent a number of messages that gave her and her daughter, Allyson, a sense of relief.

"When it comes to Bobby, there's kind of a reference of wanting to discuss some family dynamics. He, versus focusing on himself, is focused on the family," said Henry. "He wants to make sure everyone else is good. He's not really focused on himself. He's referencing the kids, because he's referencing the three and keeps adding a fourth."

Zarin pointed out that Bobby had three children from a previous relationship, but also considered her daughter Allyson one of his own. "No one's gonna believe this," she said.

"He's very clearly wanting to acknowledge Ally in a very loving way, you are like a daughter to me is the way I would describe this," Henry explained, as Ally teared up watching the reading on a monitor in another room. "It's wanting her to have that validation, that she was important, just like any other biological child would be."

"He didn't want to in any way feel like he was holding you back," Henry continued, now talking about Jill. "And then he's like, 'Well, this is our new normal. And I don't want this to have to be our new normal forever.'"

That message struck a chord with Zarin, who remembered using the phrase "new normal" when speaking to Bobby about his situation when he became sick. "I said to him, 'This'll be our new normal. We'll be okay. So, you not being able to walk or whatever, that's our new normal. I actually said the words 'This is our new normal.'"

"He didn't want to hold you down, he didn't want to restrict you because there's this feeling of now she doesn't have to worry about me, now she can live her own life and he wanted nothing more than for you to be able to do that," the medium then explained. "He wanted you to be able to have this next chapter in your life after he passed. He actually almost is putting a sense of sense of excitement ... for him, it's like he's excited for you."

Henry said Bobby told him he doesn't want Jill "to be alone" after his death. "Basically, he didn't want you to have to spend your entire life alone," he explained. "He viewed it as a new chapter and he wanted you, after he passed, to make sure that you were with somebody because he needed to make sure that someone had your back and was looking out for you."

Those words also echoed conversations she had with Bobby before his passing. "Bobby taught me that life is like a book," she said. "Bobby's telling you to tell me the chapter's over of Bobby and that the new chapter begins and it has. I'm dating and I have somebody in my life and I'm very happy and I wanna know if Bobby's OK with it and you told me. He's exactly who Bobby would have picked for me."

"Everything you've said, exactly, has happened," Jill said, validating the reading. "There's no question Bobby was here. [Tyler] didn't miss one thing."

"Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" airs Thursdays on E!