Mark Hamill Congratulates 11-Year-Old 'Star Wars' Fan on Amazing BB-8 Bionic Arm

"Remember: Luke lost his hand to Vader, but that didn't stop him from defeating the Empire."

It takes a lot to impress a Jedi Master β€” but one little boy has managed to do it.

Mark Hamill tweeted out his congratulations to 11-year-old Cameron on Friday after Open Bionics shared a video of the youngster wielding his brand new bionic arm like a pro.

"Congratulations to you for @openbionics getting you that really, really cool bionic Hero Arm, Cameron," the "Star Wars" star wrote. "They say you are a big #StarWars fan and I just wanted you to know that I am a BIG fan of yours & watching this video made me super, super happy!"

He signed off β€” in classic Mark Hamill fashion β€” "your pal, Mar [camel emoji]"

In the heart-warming vid, Cameron opens a box to reveal a BB-8 branded Hero Arm; slipping his forearm into it, his new limb springs to life β€” and he instantly flashes two thumbs up with a chest-splitting smile.

"The best thing about my hero arm is how it responds to the muscle movements in my arm. I like the details of the covers, how it moves, and the light!" the delighted boy explains in the vid, showing off the Iron Man-esque glow on the back of his new hand.

"I really like my new Star Wars covers because they're really, really cool, and I love the detailing on it, and when I seen them I was really super super happy."

The stunning technology requires no surgery; the company simply identifies the user’s strongest muscle sites and takes a 3D scan or cast of their residual limb before custom building a Hero Arm.

Users can fully manipulate the limb within as little as ten minutes, as special sensors detect tiny electric signals naturally generated by the residual muscles.

Last November, Hamill recorded a special message to all kids with limb differences.

"Kids β€” be yourself. You can do anything. There are no barriers you can't break, no challenges you can't overcome," he said.

"Remember: Luke lost his hand to Vader, but that didn't stop him from defeating the Empire. So have courage, be determined, and always remember that your limb difference is your very own superpower. And may the Force be with you all."

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