'Game of Thrones' Final Season Sneak Peek

The actress also opens up about how she met fiancé Joe Jonas and one particularly "disgusting" moment from filming her HBO show.

There was apparently a stark contrast between what Sophie Turner and Kit Harington were paid for "Game of Thrones", but she's not complaining.

In a new interview with Harper's Bazaar, Turner spoke about why it's been "a little tricky" to demand equal pay with some of her male costars on the HBO series. While the show is very much an ensemble piece and many of its cast members have made bigger names for themselves thanks to the show's success, all roles aren't necessarily created equal.

"Kit got more money than me, but he had a bigger storyline," Turner told the publication. "And for the last series, he had something crazy like 70 night shoots, and I didn't have that many. I was like, 'You know what... you keep that money.'"

Turner, who reportedly insists on an inclusion rider in her contracts, added that it is "exciting," however, to see more women on set "in the camera departments, producing, directing."

Of the #MeToo movement, she added that "old men" are rightfully feeling "a bit terrified." She explained, "whoever's committing these awful crimes. It's not just being publicly shamed, it's proper consequences. It's losing your jobs and going to court. It's great that these things have happened."

With the end of "Game of Thrones" coming sooner than any of us want, Turner reflected on one particularly "revolting" moment from filming. In Season 5, viewers saw Sansa and Theon momentarily escape the sadistic Ramsay Bolton's clutches by making a mad jump off the walls of Winterfell. To keep things looking realistic, Turner said the showrunners asked something "disgusting" of her.

"There were moments when I was escaping Winterfell and running through woods and swimming through canals and they were like, 'Don't wash your hair for the next two weeks,' And it was disgusting," she revealed. "From the social aspect, it was revolting. A lot of hats were involved."

After looking back at everything Sansa's endured during the show, including sexual assault, Turner added that it influenced her to do more with her platform. "Initially, I didn't feel there was anything that stayed with me from all the things Sansa went through," she said, "But though I think it hasn't affected me emotionally, I did start thinking about the domestic abuse and rape, and it spurred this little part of me that might be an activist."

Speaking with the magazine, Turner also talked about her relationship with Joe Jonas, revealing how they two met via social media.

"We had a lot of mutual friends and they’d been trying to introduce us for a long time. We were following each other on Instagram and he direct messaged me one fine day, out of the blue," she explained. "He's lovely. He's just the funniest. You wouldn't expect he's about to turn 30 this year. He's the most fun, energetic, positive person I've ever seen. I'm pessimistic, so we balance each other out."

While they're a perfect fit, both of their respective fan groups have been vocal about their engagement.

When asked if his followers "hate" her, she said, "Yeah, I guess so. It's better now. His fans have gotten a bit older. If I’d been dating him during the years when he was appealing to the 14-year-old crowd, it might have been a bit more hostile."

"The people who watch the show are quite protective of me because they've seen me grow up," she added. "They write to him and say 'If you do anything to her...if you break her heart...' It's sweet. I like it."

As for their wedding, Turner said they want to keep it "low-key" and said it might happen this year.

"We’re trying to keep it as low-key as possible so it’s more of an intimate thing," she says. When asked if it might happen this year, she answers "Maybe."

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