'RHOBH' Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Severs Ties with Only One Kemlsey Before Kyle Lashes Out at Dorit
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"If she doesn't believe her, no friendship!" Ken shouts.

On Tuesday's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Lisa Vanderpump severed ties with Dorit Kemsley, but not with her husband.

PK called up his longtime friend to see if she and Ken Todd would be willing to meet up with the Kemsleys for lunch to squash their ongoing beef over PuppyGate. They agreed.

Lisa was cold to Dorit, but not to PK. She clinked his glass and said, "I love you," barely even looking in Dorit's direction.

Finally, LVP brought up the Radar Online article, and the conversation went from awkward to very, very heavy. Dorit felt Lisa should have called her personally to say there was no issue between them, but Lisa felt that her chat with TMZ was enough. Ken said Dorit should be nothing but grateful that Lisa defended her so publicly.

"You have to understand it's very difficult for me to believe you had nothing to do with that," Dorit said, prompting Lisa to "draw a line in the sand."

"If you believe I gave the story to Radar Online, we don't have a friendship," she replied. Dorit's mouth dropped.

PK asked if they could all just put PuppyGate behind them and move forward, but Lisa was staunch in her stance -- as was Ken, who told Dorit that Lisa was "the most honest person you will ever meet in your life" and "the best friend you will ever have."

"If she doesn't believe her, no friendship!" Ken added. PK wound up changing his tone a bit, but Dorit did not.

"I can still say that this happened, but I still love you enough and care for you enough that I can put this behind us. I want to more than anything," Dorit said, but Ken replied, "You're still saying you don't believe her!"

PK turned his sights to LVP and said he felt someone in Lisa's camp leaked the story. When she said she had no knowledge of that, the two settled on that stance, leaving Dorit out in the cold. PK urged his wife to "come down" and join him, but she just couldn't.

"No, I care enough about our friendship that I know it has to be based on honesty," Dorit said. "Much like I believe you had something to do with the initial story and the Johns, period."

At that point, Ken got up and said, "You're no friend of mine. I'm going. PK, I'd like to stay friends with you." Lisa got up, too, saying, "I love you, PK."

Dorit tried to chase after LVP, but she was less than receptive. Shen then begged them to agree to disagree in order to save their friendship, but Lisa wouldn't have it.

"Bye. Love you," she said, walking out the door.

"How can you say you love me?" Dorit asked. LVP turned around and said, "I actually don't."

Lisa's parting words about her former friend: "Let me just go on with my life. It's easier talking to Congress than talking to that stupid cow."

Later on, when Dorit filled in the rest of the crew, Kyle Richards was still harboring some resentments about what PK said to her last week.

The ladies said they felt it was weird of PK to not stand by his wife's side, which Dorit defended by saying they had a "deep friendship."

Kyle said she, too, had a real friendship with LVP, but Dorit said Lisa's friendship with PK was much stronger.

"I never even heard of you or PK until 2 years ago!" Camille Grammer shouted.

"Dorit, if you and I are very good friends, you know all my friends," Kyle said.

"I don't know all your friends!" Dorit shouted, which Kyle met with, "Well, maybe we're not that good of friends!"

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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