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The "Men in Black" star and James Corden get ridiculously competitive in a real London high-end restaurant for the meaningless title of "Best Waiter."

It was a battle for the ages as Chris Hemsworth took on James Corden in one of London's high-end restaurants to see which of them was the best waiter of all time. Spoiler alert: they were both pretty awful.

The "Men in Black" star proved every bit as competitive as "The Late Late Show" host in the extended sketch, and we didn't even get to see all of it. There are several behind-the-scenes pics of the two of them in the kitchen, but almost everything we saw took place in the dining room.

This screams for an extended cut of the bit, as we found ourselves screaming with laughter as Hemsworth and Corden really took their competitive spirit to ridiculous extremes.

They started at the front desk, where Corden laid down a little smacktalk on his opponent. "You're a movie star, you're an action hero, you're a great actor, you're beautiful, alright," he said. "But when it comes to charm on a front desk, this is where I win. I am Louis Charmstrong."

But it turns out neither of them were all that charming, as they were just trying way too hard. At one point, Hemsworth actually cradled and carried one woman into the restaurant, leaving Corden to follow with her date riding piggy-back behind them.

And throughout, they kept making jabs at one another. At one point as they seated one group, Hemsworth noted a bottle of wine on the table. This one's on James," he said, looking at the label. "It's a cheap wine he's given you, but once you finish that, I'll get you a real bottle."

Later, Hemsworth joined them at the table, asking if they were fans of the Avengers or the MIB franchise. "If Chris sits down, just to warn you, you probably are going to be talking a lot about Chris Hemsworth," Corden told them.

Other times, the digs were far more subtle, as when Corden was using a pepper grinder one on patron's salad and Hemsworth showed up with one twice as big.

Hemsworth even threw out a subtle dig at his "MiB" predecessor Will Smith, or at least the theme song he wrote for the first film. When Corden was singing a parody of it, Hemsworth shut him down quickly.

"You actually don't need to do that song," Hemsworth said, saying it wasn't in the film.

"You don't do that song in 'Men in Black'?" Corden responded. "Well what's the point of 'Men in Black' without that song?"

"Well, we've got a better one now," he said quickly, before busting out his own parody of Smith's classic, "Here comes a better waiter." Yeah, it's still a jam.

"He's a real masturbator," Corden continued the song, much to Hemsworth's chagrin.

While most of the restaurant patrons seemed amused by the whole ordeal, there were some who seemed a bit uncomfortable by everything that was going on and one guy didn't like Hemsworth not writing down their order at all.

We found ourselves wondering if maybe he didn't recognize the Thor actor, or maybe he just didn't care.

But like those moments in the kitchen, we got no follow-up on that moment, either, making us ever more eager for a directors or extended cut of this hilarious skit.

In the end, there could be only one winner. Would it be the handsome and chiseled Chris Hemsworth or the arrogant and egotistical and a little delusional James Corden? Check out the video to find out.

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