Kyle Richards, Patti Stanger and Suzanne Somers Choose Sides in Bella Thorne vs. Whoopi Goldberg Nude Photo War (Exclusive)

"I just think if you don't want them to get out, don't take them in the first place."

To send nudes or not to send nudes, that is the question.

Debate has been raging online this week after Bella Thorne found herself victim to a photo hack ... before Whoopi Goldberg appeared to put some of the blame on Thorne for taking the pictures in the first place.

It was a topic of conversation in Hollywood this week, where Kyle Richards and Patti Stanger both echoed Goldberg's comments.

"I teach my daughters to just never have those photos out there so they don't have to worry about that," the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star said. "There's none of me."

"I just think if you don't want them to get out, don't take them in the first place," she added.

"Million Dollar Matchmaker" star Stanger agreed. "Here's the thing — if you leave nudes of you phone, your phone might get stolen if you are a celebrity, it might get hacked by Anonymous, so it's kind of not a smart move," she said. "Don't take naked pictures on your phone."

She did add, however, that there's "no right or wrong" here because the photos were stolen from a personal item.

Bella decided to post the stolen pictures herself rather than play games with the hacker; however Stanger questioned her motives.

"She's probably got a lot more followers," she said. "Because everything you're doing is for followers, you're not doing it for the real reasons anymore. You're doing it because you're playing the fame game."

She scoffed: "And what is Bella Thorne doing lately? What movie or show is she on?"

Stanger also dismissed the idea that the divide of opinion was a generational matter: "Are you kidding? Don't have nudes if you're 18 or 80. And if you're 80 PLEASE don't. It's really ugly."

That final point Suzanne Somers disagreed on. When asked about the fallout, the "Three's Company" star joked: "I wanna see Whoopi naked," adding she would bet money Goldberg had taken nudes before.

However the 72-year-old said she wouldn't hold out hope for Whoopi apologizing to Bella any time soon. "Whoopi marches to her own drummer," she laughed.

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