Meet the Stars of 'Ex on the Beach' Season 3

"I would never want to see Pauly D ever again," says the singer, who also addresses his alleged cheating while they were together.

Aubrey O'Day has finally rebounded from her Pauly D breakup.

The Danity Kane singer appears on the current season of MTV's "Ex on the Beach," where she revealed in the premiere that she hadn't had sex with anyone since her split from the "Jersey Shore" star and considered herself a "virgin" again. Well, it doesn't seem like that was the case by the end of the season.

On Instagram, O'Day teased that she maybe got some "new dick" during filming, something she confirmed when speaking with TooFab. "Yeah, I'll give you a little spoiler. I did," she told us, "And it was way bigger than Pauly's!"

O'Day explained that she decided to join the show -- one of the many reality shows on her resume now -- because she was "really ready to find love" again.

"I was just at a time in my life where I took a year and two months off of everything after my toxic relationship with Pauly," said Aubrey, "and really took the time to heal and go to therapy and learn how to date with boundaries and all of the above."

As for why she went sex-free following her breakup with the reality show DJ, she claimed it had to do with his wandering eye while they were together.

"He cheated so much and sex became something that was like overused in the relationship to get him to not cheat on me, the weekend when he left, every weekend," she told TooFab. "It lost its purpose and sincerity. So like, I just cut it out cause I needed to like restructure as a person."

Pauly has repeatedly denied the allegations, explaining on his recent reality show, "Double Shot at Love," that he's "never cheated on any girlfriend I've had in my life."

And though the premise of the "Ex on the Beach" sees celebrities agreeing to live with a few former flames, Aubrey was very happy DelVecchio was not one of them. "I would never want to see Pauly D ever again," she added.

While O'Day wouldn't confirm who she'll hook up with on "Ex on the Beach," she said that, "in the beginning, I was not feeling like I was going to be hooking up with any of the guys there." She added, "But someone snuck up on me, they grew on me."

She also said she had no idea who any of her costars were when she showed up for filming.

"They were like, 'You're going to be on the beach with a ton of celebrities,' and when I got there I was like, 'Where are the celebrities? Like, are you kidding me?'" she explained. "I was like, 'Are they bringing Punk'd back? What's happening?' I don't watch reality TV and I don’t really like consider reality TV stars celebrities."

"I've been around Beyonce, and Jay-Z, and real celebrities," she added, "I'm not going to call a reality star a celebrity. But, just getting to know them as people -- regardless of what they're known for or what shows they come from -- I really fell in love with so many of them, and I'm still so close with so many of them."

"Ex on the Beach" airs Tuesdays on MTV.