'GLOW' Star Breaks Down Season 3's Biggest Spoilers and Cliffhangers (Exclusive)
'GLOW' Stars IRL: See Them Out of Their '80s Looks!

The actress says her own character's fate was especially "shocking."

WARNING: Do not keep reading until you've binged every last episode of "GLOW" Season 3. And if you haven't yet -- hurry up and do it!

What an ending, right?!

After an extended residency in Las Vegas, it looks like the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will be trading the lights of Sin City for a cushy new TV studio, thanks to some last-minute scheming from Debbie. The question now: who will go with her?

While Ruth's future remains uncertain, Carmen made it clear she's out ... at least for now. TooFab caught up with Machu Picchu herself, Britney Young, to spill about her character's shocking decision to pursue wrestling on the road with her family and a few other spoilers from the third season.

What was your reaction to seeing where Carmen wound up, leaving "GLOW" behind?

To calm my mind so I didn't panic when we got to episode 10, I actually knew when we got Episode 1 that Carmen would be quitting the show and leaving. I'm really sad about it but also extremely excited, because it is another thing for her to stand up for herself and say, 'Hey, this is what I want, this is what I need to do to go get it.'

I have no idea whats in store for her if we get a Season 4, but it just for me was just an emotional moment at that airport shooting that scene, especially with Betty Gilpin and her saying we're going to have a great next season, we're going to have all these things for you and Carmen's like, 'I'm out.' It's really shocking, especially because I don't think anybody expects it from Carmen. I don't think people were like, Carmen's gonna quit. I'm hoping good things happen for her.

When we get a Season 4, where would you like to see it start for her?

I would love to see her succeeding out there wrestling on the circuit. I have a deep inclination that it's not gonna go her way or she's going to expect something completely different. But I really hope her brother comes through and embraces her and that wrestling circuit fans embrace her as well.

I also really want Bash to like miss her. They had a rough season, they were never really together and now I want him to be like I need you and her to be like, beg.

The other thing we need to ask about is the Geena Davis scene, coming out at a benefit in a full showgirl costume.

She looks amazing, she dance and sang. Like Geena Davis is already tall, I think she was over six feet tall with this headdress on. The first time she walked through the crowd, everyone was like [gasps], she took your breath away. We had a moment where she walked in and she looked at me and I winked at her, she went up and did her thing and after she came up to me and was like, I really appreciated that.

Did you all know it was coming or was there a reveal for you as well?

There's no secrets on GLOW. Our writers try so hard. We saw a picture of her costume fitting and she just looked so good, but there's nothing like seeing it in person and she just had so much fun with it.

Going into the next season, what's something you're either hoping to see or want to know yourself

I definitely, one, would like to see what are all the girls doing now that Sam's not there, Ruth is kind of there but not really, Carmen's gone. I think Debbie's gonna realize, 'I am the producer but my show is a collaboration and I need these people.' I'm really waiting for Debbie to come back and be like, hey, I need you girls.

My dream and I'm going to manifest it out into the universe ... again, Bash and Carmen did not have a good season, they barely spoke. I want Chris Lowell and I to duke it out in the wrestling ring. He talks about how he's the only one who cares about wrestling, the only one who cares about Glow, I want Carmen to be like, you know what, you care about wrestling so much, let's wrestle. They're just going to air all their stuff, get it off their chests while wrestling each other. mostly because I want to see Chris Lowell wrestle, but I think it would be quite an impactful scene to be like, if you think you're part of this, be a part of this.

Last thing we need to mention: Sheila the She-Wolf, taking off that costume and really coming into her own.

Gayle Rankin is a phenomenal actress. She's Juilliard-trained. She did things with Sheila the She-Wolf that nobody else could have done. She gives so many layers to that, so now to see one of those layers is permanently gone, is really really surprising. She's so good. It's fun to now see who is just Sheila, not Sheila the She-Wolf.

"GLOW" Season 3 is streaming now.

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