Brian Austin Green Reveals Which '90210' Costars He Did and Didn't Hook Up with on 'WWHL'
The Stars of '90210': Where Are They Now?

The actor also spills on why his ex, Tiffani Thiessen, isn't on the revival -- and details nasty fight with wife Megan Fox.

Brian Austin Green admitted he probably got the most action of the cast back in their "Beverly Hills, 90210" days -- including hookups with at least two of his famous costars.

Appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday night, the now 46-year-old actor was grilled about his past and current love life by Andy Cohen and the show's viewers.

Let's start with the really good stuff, which came during the After Show shared online.

Green was asked if he and Tori Spelling ever had "a romantic relationship" by a caller who said Spelling herself said they had hooked up back in the day. Though both stars have recently denied anything happened, Tori did say that they had sex while appearing on a lie detector show back in 2015.

BAG finally confirmed it himself last night, saying flat out, "We hooked up. We did. But we were young and so that's what young people do."

Andy then went down the list of Green's costars, asking if he ever got down with Shannen Doherty, Tiffani Thiessen, Jennie Garth or Gabrielle Carteris. The only one: Thiessen, who he dated before she joined the show as Valerie Malone.

As for why Thiessen isn't in the "BH90210" revival, Green said, "the reboot was the original cast and she wasn't in the original cast. That was our idea going back, the original group of people that were there at the start."

"Sounds like an easy way to exclude her," added a shady Andy.

Thiessen herself previously said she couldn't have done it in the first place, due to her shooting schedule for Netflix's "Alexa and Katie."

During a second, 90210-centric portion of the show, Green admitted he was "probably" the one who "got laid the most" back in the day.

He also cited Mario Lopez as one of his biggest rivals at the time and admitted he had a huge crush on Nicole Eggert from her "Charles In Charge" days.

He added that, when it came to Thiessen, he "didn't really ask her on a date, and then we dated. I always sort of played the I wait until someone comes to me because I don't deal with rejection very well."

"You probably never got rejected," Andy chimed in.

While his romantic past was clearly a big topic of discussion last night, one caller also asked about his relationship with current wife Megan Fox. The two have been together for 15 years and share three children.

The viewer specifically wanted to know more about Megan taking a Sharpie to their walls and writing a poem all over them during a fight, an admission she made on "WWHL" back in 2018.

"It's really hard to paint over, thank you. It took like 5 or 6 coats for it to go away," said Green, who couldn't recall what they were even fighting over at the time.

"I think she was just upset about something and she wrote in Sharpie. She wrote a poem, which would have been sweet, sounds nice, except it was like 'There once was a little girl who never had a broken heart until ...'" he added, before trailing off and reiterating how many coats it took to fully cover it back up.

"BH90210" airs Wednesdays on Fox.

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