'RHOC' Recap: 'Eight Guys Pulled a Train on Kelly' Accusation Takes Center Stage
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"To put a notion out there that a woman would have sex with multiple men in front of others is disgusting," Shannon says.

Explosive accusation after explosive accusation seems to be Vicki Gunvalson's M.O.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," viewers finally learned what last week's weird mention of Kelly Dodd and a "train" was supposed to mean.

Tamra Judge explained to the camera that pulling a train means having sex with multiple people, one right after the other. "It's just a rumor that [Vicki] heard," Tamra claimed. "She said, 'Eight guys pulled a train on Kelly.'"

Vicki, Tamra and Shannon Beador swore to each other to keep their mouths shut about the alleged rumor, but if you recall from last week, Vicki alluded to it at dinner, prompting Tamra to blurt out, "Are you talking about the train?!" and Shannon to gasp.

"I heard the train rumor when Vicki heard it, and my mouth's been shut ever since I did. This is not okay," Shannon said during a confessional. "To put a notion out there that a woman would have sex with multiple men in front of others is disgusting, and I will have no part of that rumor."

The ladies said they didn't want to perpetuate the conversation, but that's exactly what they ended up doing in the car on their way home. Gina Kirschenheiter tried to shut it down, saying, "We're never bringing this up. We're never letting Vicki bring this up This is where it lies and dies." But newcomer Braunwyn Windham-Burke thought that meant "don't tell anyone else," not "don't tell Kelly."

So she called her up. Kelly was pissed. So was Gina.

"This is absolutely ludicrous! I've never even done a threesome, let alone a train," Kelly told the camera.

The next day, Kelly and Gina went to Braunwyn's house to discuss the situation. Kelly called Vicki "dangerous" and a "liar," saying she "lied about cancer, the worst thing that you could possibly lie about."

While Gina was sympathetic to Kelly's feelings, she urged her to "stop slinging stuff back" because the two are notorious for hitting each other below the belt. Kelly barked back that she wanted nothing to do with Vicki and didn't want to speak of her ever again.

And that was that ... for now.

After an intense therapy session to help her process her divorce, Gina met up with Tamra for lunch. Gina opened up about how one of her kids was having some developmental issues, which prompted Tamra to ask how Gina's estranged husband was helping her through the process. Gina said Matt "goes to the doctor's visit, but that's his contribution to the problem -- to show up at the doctor. Now, it's all on me."

When Tamra asked why Matt wouldn't just move from Los Angeles to Orange County to be in the same city as his kids, Gina said she was in the process of asking him to do that when she found out he was still seeing the woman with whom he cheated on her. Ouch.

The two then discussed one helluva tweet Emily Simpson shared after what she thought Shannon said during an interview. The tweet read, "@ShannonBeador you may have lost 40 pounds of fat, but you definitely didn't lose 40 pounds of jealous #rhoc #getoveryourself #frozenfishisriveting."

"Shannon called me all freaked out, totally upset," Tamra told Gina. "Emily was like blasting her on social media! She gets upset, like so upset ... It's crazy. Shannon didn't even say anything bad. It was hearsay that was repeated."

Bravo then played audio from "Flipping Out" star Jeff Lewis's SiriusXM radio show from February. "I just want to mention I spoke to Shannon Beador yesterday," he told his listeners. "Shannon did tell me, and I don't have any specifics, but she wouldn't be surprised if Gina or Emily were to go eventually. One of them."

Gina was "shocked by how bad [the tweet] was" and explained she spoke to Shannon immediately after. "I think that [Emily's] reactions get the best of her -- a lot," Gina said.

"It honestly just shows a very insecure person," Tamra replied, but she didn't even know the half of it. Gina tried hard not to tell Tamra everything, but her body language and facial expressions said it all: Emily was going through it at home. Her marriage was on the rocks, and because of Shane's strict bar exam studying, the two had not been living in the same quarters, let alone speaking regularly.

Meanwhile, Gina and Shannon had been getting along so well that the latter arranged a whole day trip to Beverly Hills because the former had never been. Tamra, Kelly, Braunwyn and Emily joined.

But poor Emily was a mess. At one point, she pulled Gina away from her shopping spree to vent and cry and darn near hyperventilate. Gina said she felt Emily was her most happy when she was back in her hometown in Ohio, loving on her kids. Emily sobbed. They both knew Shane was giving her more grief than she could handle, but she was terrified of discussing her marital problems on camera because she didn't want the internet to torch her husband.

Too late.

Later at lunch, Shannon brought up Emily's tweet. Instantly, Emily took "100 percent responsibility" for it and apologized profusely. Either she was being sincere, or she didn't want to get into it with Shannon. Either way, Shannon accepted it (momentarily) because Emily brought up a bigger fish she wanted to fry.

"Gina told me something came up about Kelly?" she blurted out. Kelly's face dropped. Her phone rang, she looked down, said it was her daughter, then stood up and shouted, "I don't really give a f--k, okay? Why are you even bringing it up?! It's ridiculous. You guys can go fuck off. All of you."

Tamra was furious with Braunwyn, but she was also upset with Kelly for telling the group to "f--k off." So she ran after her.

"This is like obnoxious that everybody's coming at me like this. There is no basis!" Kelly said to Tamra, adding that her daughter, Jolie, had already heard the rumor.

Soon enough, Shannon joined them and tried to assure Kelly that she and Tamra didn't tell her about the rumor because they didn't want to hurt her. Somehow, Kelly wasn't feeling the love.

Eventually, all three ladies made their way back to the table, where Kelly proceeded to shut down anyone who tried to say they were on her side, like Emily and Gina -- but mostly Gina. In her confessional, Kelly said she didn't want advice from a "disaster" whose kids "run amok." To her face, Kelly told Gina to "shut the f--k up!"

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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