The Stars of '90210': Where Are They Now?

Here's the real story behind that red dress fiasco ... and everything we're dying to know about the yet-unannounced second season.

Hard to believe this summer's "BH90210" revival is already over, but time flies when you only order six episodes!

Fox's wild approach toward a reboot of "Beverly Hills, 90210" -- which saw the stars of the original series playing exaggerated versions of themselves as they planned a proper reunion series -- was certainly a gamble, mixing the OG's soapy vibe with a dose of comedy.

It may not have been what most fans were expecting (or wanting) when they tuned in, but it's what we all got. Now that the full season has aired, the question now is, what's next? These episodes were billed as an "event series," but we've seen those renewed in the past -- "Big Little Lies," we're looking at you!

But while we await news of a second season, let's break down where the finale left things for each of our characters and their show within a show.

What Happened with the Reboot?

After finishing the pilot, the gang had to wait to see if Fox would pick up the show to series. Unfortunately, it wasn't a sure thing and Mischa Barton -- who didn't appear on the episode, but was repeatedly mentioned -- was working harder than they were to push her reboot of "The OC," which would have somehow brought Marisa Cooper back from the dead. Not only did the show organize a Bait Shop pop-up, but Mischa had "been there 48 hours straight, grilling tilapia!"

As the "90210" stars got hold of some test audience reactions to the pilot, they started to tailspin. Each of them got backhanded compliments for their work and, naturally, they really focused on the negative comments.

"Tori Spelling is polarizing, but as Donna Martin she is completely endearing," said one. "Audiences related to Kelly's struggle as a middle-aged woman but found her storyline depressing," said another. "Steve Sanders' macho swagger feels old school like being in a time capsule," yet one more continued.

The consensus on Andrea Zuckerman's coming out storyline was that it was "pretty funny," while audiences "were confused about the sexual chemistry between Brandon Walsh and Brenda Walsh" (yuck!) and wanted to see "Brenda be more of a troublemaker." Cue Shannen Doherty: "Brenda wasn't a troublemaker, Kelly was -- Kelly was a slut!"

Feedback be damned, the show was eventually picked up by the network ... with caveats.

"We are going to entirely reshoot the pilot," former costar-turned-Fox exec Christine Elise told them. Among the other changes: a new head writer (sorry, Anna!), different guest stars, they'd have to film in Canada (which this reboot actually did) and they couldn't afford to bring all seven main stars back. "But that's a conversation for another day," added Elise.

Despite all the last-second changes, the cast members all held hands and walked out on stage at the upfronts to formally announce the show ... and that's where it ended. The cliffhanger here: Who will get cut from the cast?

In real life, we have a few questions too. Will the entire cast return for the real Season 2? Will Season 2 even happen? The ratings have been dipping each week, so it's anybody's guess at this point.

If it does return, Spelling previously promised it would focus on the reboot itself. "This season you'll just see us kind of getting back together and finding our friendships again, and starting to film the reboot," she told E! "So next season would be like a full-on reboot, so it would be a show within a show."

What Happened to Each Cast Member?

At the top of the season, the stars had all been largely MIA from each other's lives -- but by the end of the finale, they were all intertwined once again. Here's where each of their storylines all wound up, overlapping quite a bit.

  • Tori Spelling and her husband Nate continued to bicker and never ended up on the same page. She didn't think he was supportive of her career, while he wished she was home to "help out" more. They continued to have money problems, lost their power for not paying the bills and, in the end, he even admitted he was jealous of her success. Spelling continued to have sparks with Brian Austin Green and while the two both said they sometimes wish they had "married someone that's a better fit," the only physical contact between them was a long, very telling hug.

  • Brian Austin Green learned his wife Shay had secretly gotten a DNA test done on Zach, which revealed he was not the kid's father. He was infuriated Shay had gone behind his back and while she swore she did it to protect him, it's clear there are major issues between them now. As for Zach, he said he was acting off information from his mother and didn't intend to blow up BAG's life. Brian believed him and said that, until he found out who his father was, "I am totally on deck for you."

  • Which leads us to Jason Priestley, who also recognized Zach's mother in a photo from back in the day. Could he be the true father? Yes, we know Jason can't get anyone pregnant now -- remember, his wife's baby is from a man she cheated with -- but that doesn't mean he wasn't virile in the '90s. And speaking of his wife, Jason and Camille realize they wouldn't ever really rebound from her affair and parted ways, leaving it open for him to rebound with Jennie. Camille, however, would stay on as his publicist.

  • Jennie Garth was forced to cut things off with her hot bodyguard, Wyatt, after he got a tattoo of her initials over his chest way too soon into their relationship. She and Jason Priestly continued to flirt (after hooking up in the premiere) and, even though she admitted she can be a lot to handle, she added she's worth it. It seems he agreed, and while they held hands and shared a knowing glance, they didn't take things further.

  • Gabrielle Carteris began the season happily married to a man, before she started to explore her sexuality by dating a woman for the first time. This episode saw her husband, Chris, meet her girlfriend, Christine, and while Chris said he could be patient for a while longer, he couldn't wait forever for her to make a decision regarding their marriage. Kissing him, she said, "I know. You are my best friend."

  • Ian Ziering got tonight's opening dream sequence, which saw him going back in time to tell his '90s self to cut his hair and burn all his belly shirts. Back in the present, the generational gap between him and hookup buddy Anna was starting to show as she wanted to keep things casual. He was ready for kids and a family, but she didn't want to settle down -- especially with an actor, because her mother was one too. Ziering put their "no strings" arrangement to the test at the upfronts, where he hooked up with Denise Richards ... who wound up being Anna's mom.

  • Shannen Doherty ended the season covered in blood, after rescuing a possum from a hit and run. She also had a sex dream about Jason Priestley, giving us the unsettling visual of Brandon and Brenda Walsh making out in bed thanks to that test audience feedback. Other than giving BAG some much-needed advice -- their random friendship was a nice highlight this season -- that's about it for her.

Which Behind the Scenes Bits Were Real?

As has been the case all season, the show's writers had a fun time in the finale dropping intel about the cast's real life drama -- both past and present -- in with all the fictionalized stuff.

Recalling their initial wrap party, Spelling called it "epic," while saying she held back Garth's hair while she "cry barfed into a pot of chili." Corrected Garth, "It was a garbage can!" Sadly, we have no evidence this happened, but we'll take their word for it.

In another moment, Green told Garth's daughter about a fight between the women on the cast when they all showed up in red dresses to a photoshoot back in the day. "It was like World War III," he said, "The blowback lasted about two weeks."

This is kind of true, according to an account from Priestley's 2014 memoir, which claimed Tori, Jennie and Shannen were all "determined" to wear the one red dress on the wardrobe rack at the show's Season 4 photoshoot. "No one was backing down," he wrote, "Naturally, this meant that the guys had to sit around for hours, waiting for the girls." In the end -- after "hours and hours" of negotiations -- none of them wore it.

As for Denise Richards saying she appeared on the OG "90210" back in the day before her Ziering hookup, that was also true. She appeared in the Season 2 finale as Kelly's cousin and, yes, was hit on by Steve. Fun fact: She also appeared on "Melrose Place" -- which began as a semi-spinoff to "90210" -- and then the CW "90210" reboot.

And that's a wrap on our "BH90210" recaps, for now. Stay tuned for a renewal or cancelation notice for Season 2 -- and see more coverage below.