Jennifer Lopez Is Sizzling Hot for 'Hustlers' Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival

The "Hustlers" star also talks sharing the stage with her daughter, getting engaged and working with Usher and Cardi B on her latest film.

There's no denying that Jennifer Lopez has killer moves. She's been a dancer in the public eye even longer than she's been a platinum-selling recording artist and actress. And it turns out she may just know all the biggest dance moves.

In the latest "History Of" installment for Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show," J.Lo joined him to break down and run through some of the most iconic moves in music video history, taking it back to The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyption" all the way up to Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy."

And yes, they absolutely nailed her unique movement. They didn't stop there, either, moving through nearly two dozen different artists and dance styles. Some required intricate moves, like the "Macerena" and "Gangnam Style," while others allowed the duo to really cut loose and feel the music, like when they donned Sia's iconic wigs and gave their own take on "Chandelier."

Other dances you have to see to fully appreciate include "Single Ladies," "In My Feelings," "U Can't Touch This," "Bye Bye Bye" and "Wrecking Ball." We'll just say they were very strategic in their use of props throughout this segment, but they absolutely nailed their presentation of Miley Cyrus' most provocative music video.

And if you thought this was just basic dance moves like Paula Abdul and Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston and even J.Lo herself, you'd miss out on the fact that they actually tackled OK Go's "Here It Goes Again," the most artful use of four treadmills ever put to tape.

Later in the show -- and totally seen during the OK Go portion -- Jimmy couldn't help but heap praise of Jennifer for being able to put on a two-and-a-half hour show every night she performs. "That was three minutes, I couldn’t breathe," he said.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Jimmy was able to go see Jennifer perform at Madison Square Garden as part of her 50th birthday celebration tour, and he marveled so much at her sharing the stage with her 11-year-old daughter Emme that he had to share a clip of the two singing together.

Even Jimmy couldn't help but notice J.Lo's moment of mom pride when Emme effotlessly slid into and nailed a high note. When asked if she thought her daughter might follow in her footsteps and become a singer, Jennifer said, "I don't know, she does a lot of things ... maybe she'll wind up doing a lot of things and that'll be one of them."

Um, that sounds exactly like her mother. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most versatile and varied stars in entertainment, working as a singer, dancer, actress, fashion designer, producer, activist and even reality show judge on "American Idol" and her own "World of Dance."

An Awkward Proposal

Alex Rodriguez can be pleased about one thing. Jennifer had no idea he was going to propose to her, even though he sweated and fretted that she would figure it out. In fact, he sweated and fretted every detail of his big proposal, as he broke down to Jimmy in an earlier appearance.

But Jimmy had yet to get Jennifer's side of the story, so he had to know what it was like being n the other side of all that meticulous planning. Honestly, it's remarkable that A-Rod was able to pull it off without giving anything away considering how much he was sweating every detail.

But Jennifer insists she had no idea. "We went away for the weekend, we were walking on the beach," she recalled. "It was just like nothing. I thought he was just trying to be romantic."

In fact, when Jimmy asked if A-Rod talked romantic, J.Lo remembers it not being all that romantic at all.

"He said something like, ‘When did you know I was crazy?’ Or something like that. He was like almost nervous, he didn’t know what to say," J.Lo said. "I was like, ‘Pretty much the whole time I’ve known you were crazy.’ I said, ‘But I know what I’m signing up for.’ And he just goes down on one knee. I was like, ‘What are you doing?’"

They both agreed that guys tend to be a nervous mess and not nearly as romantic as they'd like to imagine themselves being when it actually comes to the proposal moment. There's so much nerves and hype and anxiety rushing through their bodies, it's only after they hear a "yes" (hopefully) and relax that both parties can enjoy the moment.

Hustling with Usher and Cardi B

When it came time to add a new style of dance to her repertoire, Jennifer Lopez said she knew just who to call to be a part of her critically-acclaimed film "Hustlers." Based on a true story, it tells the tale of a group of strippers who find a way to hustle (natch) wall street moneymakers after the financial crisis hits.

Well, when it comes to a true-life story about strippers, why wouldn't you call the world's most famous former stripper, Cardi B. Not just to be a part of the film, but to help J.Lo master this new technique, because pole dancing is a whole new beast of strength, skill and technique.

As for Cardi's acting technique, J.Lo said she was a natural because they just wanted her to be herself in this role. And Cardi is such a character in her day-to-day life, it was probably just a matter of turning the camera on her.

Jennifer also talked about how easy it was to film a scene where Usher got to literally play himself in the film, coming in during the height of the economic book and tossing hundreds around like they were singles. "He was very comfortable," J.Lo joked about Usher being in that stripper environment. "He knew exactly what to do."

As for the girls themselves, they treated it just as it was. "It was like, 'Oh f--k, Usher's here,'" Jennifer laughed.

Already getting Oscar buzz for her performance, Jennifer Lopez stars alongside Cardi B, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Lizzo, Usher and many more in "Hustlers," in theaters this Friday.

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