Farrah Abraham Slammed for Calling September 11 '7-Eleven' in Instagram Video

"We're not talking about a gas station, we're talking about one of the biggest dates in history," comments one critic.

Farrah Abraham is being slammed over a September 11-related flub.

On Wednesday, the 28-year-old "Teen Mom" alum documented a trip she took to New York City's Freedom Tower with her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, in a video she posted to both her Instagram and YouTube pages.

But at the start of the 3-minute clip, Farrah accidentally referred to the tragic day in American history as "7-Eleven."

"So, we wanted to do, since it's gonna be September 11th," she began, as Sophia sneezed in the background. Farrah turned her head, then looked back at the camera. "In honor of the Freedom Towers and the Observatory Deck and everything," she continued, as Sophie sneezed a second time.

Turning her head once again, Farrah looked back to face the camera and tried to finish her sentence: "...and the Observatory Deck and everything of 7-Eleven, we are going to do this. Wow. Look at this, guys!"

Granted, it's possible Sophia's back-to-back sneezes distracted Farrah, prompting the mistake. But it's still an unfortunate mistake to make, and her fans are fuming. Some are even questioning why she didn't say "bless you" either time.

"Unfollowing right now," commented one critic. "The fact that she said 7-11 is disgusting. She is using this horrible moment in history to try to gain more fame and exploit her child even more. So shameful."

Another added, "We're not talking about a gas station, we're talking about one of the biggest dates in history, 9/11 not 7/11."

"Take this down!!! So many mistakes and insensitivity," a third urged.

But it's not just her blunder or seeming lack of concern for Sophia that has the reality star's fans riled up; her caption seems to be problematic, too.

"In memory of September 11th, I was in 5th grade when this happened & now Sophia being in 5th grade we enjoy this experience," Farrah wrote alongside the video, which still remains active on both her Instagram and YouTube pages.

"I don't think 'enjoying' the memorial is probably the best terminology," one person wrote in the comments section. "For those of us who lost people in the towers and spent that day in horror waiting for phone calls that never came, it was the opposite of enjoyable. I'm hoping you meant experienced. And to be clear, it happened on SEPTEMBER 11th, not July."

The remainder of the video shows Farrah and Sophia exploring the site where the terrorist attacks took place 18 years ago.

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