Watch Oprah Get Interviewed by Viral Kid Reporter Jaden Jefferson
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The media mogul also revealed the one person she'd want to interview.

Ellen's kid reporter Jaden Jefferson has another awesome interview under his belt.

After interviewing celebs such as Brad Pitt, the 11-year-old journalist got the chance to chat with the one and only Oprah Winfrey.

In an extended clip released on Tuesday, Jefferson, who adorably brings his grandmother on every assignment, asked Oprah many thought-provoking questions, including the one thing the television icon would have done differently in her career.

"The one thing I would have done differently would probably be ending my show before trying to start a network," Oprah replied. "What I tried to do is both at the same time."

The young reporter also asked the question everyone wants to know: besides for Stedman Graham and Gayle King, who is the famous person people would be surprised to know she texts the most?

"Ellen! Of course, it's Ellen!" Oprah said.

Although the media mogul has interviewed and/or co-starred with many A-list celebrities over the years, there is still someone she has yet to have a one-on-one with -- Queen Elizabeth II.

"The Queen of England," Oprah named as the person she'd want to interview. "How's that? I want to see all of her crowns. I'd like to go over a few things, see if she watches 'The Crown,' how she likes all of that."

"We can talk dogs," she continued. "She's had a lot of dogs. I've had a lot of dogs. I've had 21 dogs. I'm not sure how many she's had."

Jefferson also asked the "Wrinkle in Time" star what advice she has for him as a reporter. See Oprah pass down her wisdom in the full interview above.

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