Paul Rudd Showcases His Greatest Hidden Talent On 'Hot Ones' -- And It's Very NSFW
Hot Ones
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The "Ant-Man" actor warned the host of its NSFW status.

Paul Rudd is a man of many talents, but he unveiled arguably his greatest on Thursday.

During his guest appearance on "Hot Ones," the actor, 50, discussed his penchant for taking photographs of celebrities -- or non-celebrities for that matter -- where they appear to have a naked person's rear end hovering above them.

Using his finger perched slightly at the top of the lens of a camera phone, Rudd snapped host Sean Evans then showed him the finished product, which looked exactly as described above.

"After a while, you can learn new tricks. You're expanding, growing. I found my pinky at the right angle makes a great scrotum," he quipped as Evans stared in amazement.

Gaining his composure, Evans asked where he learned the skill, to which Rudd answered coyly, "I dunno, but I'm glad I did."

"I have thousands of those photos with people you wouldn't expect to see in those photos," Rudd said with a smirk.

The rest of the session of dishing gossip while eating progressively spicier food included Rudd confirming the rumors on some of his best known movies.

Evans asked if "Anchorman" was originally pitched as a wacky survivalist story where a "plane full of newsmen crashed into a plane full of monkeys and throwing stars and you basically had to survive on a mountain as orangutans take you out one by one."

"Absolutely," answered Rudd. "I heard about it when it was already nixed." Evans always thought Will Ferrell was joking when he brought it up on "The Bill Simmons Podcast" in 2017.

As for the cast of "Wet Hot American Summer" staying in the actual camp cabins and sleeping in bunk beds, Rudd confirmed that story as well.

"It was a functioning camp in Pennsylvania. We actually had to shut down production for a week because a kid was coming to celebrate his bar mitzvah. That's how high level our production was," he quipped.

And for his thoughts on the meme of his Marvel character Ant-Man killing supervillain Thanos by crawling up his rear end, Rudd simply replied, "I consider it a lost opportunity."