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Following 24 hours after she blew up the internet with the powerful ballad "Lose You to Love Me," Gomez drops an upbeat empowerment dance track in "Look at Me Now."

Another day, another surprise song and music video release by Selena Gomez.

While "Lose You to Love Me" was a melancholy ballad, "Look at Her Now" is an uptempo jam. While Tuesday night's video was shot in stark-black-and-white, never straying from Selena's expressive face, tonight's release is a techno-colored dream filled with dancing and high energy.

But what both have in common is that both are dealing with the heartache of breaking up and the strength that can come out the other side as you pick up the pieces and find the better you that was there all along.

Both also immediately dominated Twitter and left Selenators more and more certain this whole series is all about her tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber.

This song hints at cheating with lines like, "It was her first real lover / His too 'til he had another / Oh God when she found out / Trust levels went way down," and seemed to reference Bieber's wild partying ways when Gomez sang, "Fast nights that got him / That new life was his problem."

Like "Lose You to Love Me," though, this is a song with an empowering message. "Took a few years / To soak up the tears / But look at her now / Watch her go," Gomez sings passionately.

As for the loss of her love, Gomez admits "of course she was sad / But now she's glad she dodged a bullet."

And that pretty much sums it up. He -- whoever the he may be in this story -- was a huge part of her life and it was difficult letting him go, but she also saw the dangerous path he was on and was glad to sever those ties before she got pulled into that downward spiral.

While she doesn't explicitly say either of these songs are about her on-again/off-again ex, Justin Bieber, he did famously go through some tumultuous times that saw him losing his own fanbase over his erratic and volatile behavior.

Bieber appears to be in a better place now as he enjoys marital bliss with Hailey Baldwin, but it's easy to imagine the Selena of that era -- who already had years of history with Bieber -- struggling with being close to him during those bad times.

For her part, Baldwin wound up having to come forward due to awkward timing with a post to her own Instagram Stories. Within minutes of Gomez's surprise drop, Baldwin posted a screenshot of Summer Walker's "I'll Kill You," which many Gomez fans took as Baldwin responding to her release with shade.

"Please stop with this nonsense," Baldwin wrote in a comment to JustJared's post. "There is no 'response.' this is complete BS."

For her part, Gomez jumped in with a non-specific-but-probably-totally-supportive-of-baldwin video asking her fans to be kind to others, and especially other women because bashing other women is not what she's about. "If you're my fans, don't be rude to anybody," she pleaded. "That's not my heart."

"Here's my special gift to all of my ride or dies!" Gomez wrote on Instagram to her fans upon the new track's release. "I created this with Apple especially for you. Y'all have been through it all with me and I thank you for pushing me to be the best."

Speaking about "Lose You to Love Me," Gomez wrote in a statement, "This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I thought it was important to share the music, as I know many can relate to the fact that the road to self-discovery generally comes through the scars in one's life."

While it isn't clear if Gomez is planning any more stealth releases or these two will suffice for now to tell her story, it's a beautiful story already because in both songs and videos we can see that Gomez is happier, healthier and owning her truth and facing a bolder and brighter future.

If, however, she has decided to release the entirety of her next album one night at a time, with accompanying videos, we're sure her passionate fanbase wouldn't mind going on this journey with her over the next week or so.

Here are some of their initial reactions to "Look at Her Now":

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