'Jersey Shore' Kids: The Next Generation of Fist Pumpers

Nicole Polizzi also responded "no" to a fan who asked her if what was airing was "real."

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was depicted having a total meltdown on Thursday night's episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" -- and she seems to have an issue with the way the footage was edited.

Taking to social media to live tweet her opinions while the episode was airing, Nicole said, "Editing on a reality show is a bitch. I will speak the truth one day with a full, tell-all documentary. Until then, enjoy your pinot and dramer!"

According to Nicole, she actually walked out of the house four times following her screaming match with Angelina Pivarnick, not just once. "Very dramatic, stomping and grabbing my bag," she tweeted, adding that she pulls the "I'm going home" card every season "because I wanna be with my kids. I do it every season. Ask MTV. It's a thing."

She also responded "no" to a fan who asked her if what was airing was "real," then posted a GIF of a man stirring an invisible pot with the hashtag #realitytv. A viewer then tweeted, "Sure. Blame the reality TV for putting words in your mouth," to which Nicole replied, "It's my job. Let's stir the pot bitchessssssss #meangirls."

As for why she was so mad at Angelina, here's Snooki's explanation: "Cause I hung out with her right before we moved into PP, we drank till 4am together and she didn't tell me she had an issue with me until we moved into the house on cameras."

Polizzi also said she had "been looking for the ['You don't even go here!'] GIF to send to Angelina since I knew this episode was airing."

When someone else said, "Why r u leaving? You can't just storm out take what u dished out boo stop being two faced," Snooki responded, "Yes I can. I was drunk and missed my one month old baby. I can absolutely storm out as I please."

She also said she regrets "not flipping the table" Γ  la Teresa Giudice, her fellow Garden State gal. "It's a reality show," Nicole told another hater. "Enjoy it for what it's worth."

Someone tweeted at the reality star, "Snooki doesn't want to get in the middle of it...but put herself in the middle of it," which she responded with, "Let me live on a reality show." Polizzi asked another dissenter to let her be the drama "for once."

"But you would think since they are adults now that she would tell her friend that she is wrong," another critic tweeted, in reference to Nicole's staunch defense of BFF Jenni "JWoww" Farley. "Nope. Still degenerate assholes. MEAN GURLSSSSSS @JENNIWOWW."

She kept retweeting people who called her a "mean girl" and urged her critics to keep tuning in. Another critic wrote, "Some people can't handle the truth, you are mean girls. I have been watching @JerseyShore from day 1 and @JENNIWOWW is a bully in every situation and well @snooki is just a follower...can't think for herself."

Snooki's response: "Keep watching mawma every JERZDAY at 8pm only on mtv!"

Someone else wrote: "I bet @snooki feels stupid watching this now that she's sober...if not she should!!"

Nicole's reply: "I'm actually bombed off wine. And I don't feel stupid. It's not that serious. And I will always love and be there for my Jwoww."

During the scene in question, Nicole tried to remain out of the drama, but when Angelina tried to ask her why she sent her nasty and accusatory text messages following the Las Vegas debacle with Jenni's boyfriend, Zack Clayton Carpinello, Nicole wanted nothing to do with the drama.

"I wasn't there! Leave me out of this f--king shit!" Snooki shouted. "Shut up! You're so stupid."

"How am I stupid?" Angelina asked, which Snooki met with, "I wasn't there! F--k off!" Nicole maintained she had texted Angelina after Vegas but that her messages weren't mean. She claims she was letting her know "as a friend" what happened because she felt Pivarnick was simply too drunk to remember.

"So you're attacking me now? Angelina, go f--k yourself!" Snooki shouted, prompting Angelina to call both Jenni and Nicole "mean girls." Pivarnick then whipped out her phone to read Snooki's messages out loud.

"Show the texts, bitch! Show the texts! I am not that person! F--k off! I am not that person!" Nicole shouted, starting to cry. "Bitch, f--k off!"

When Angelina said her fiancΓ©, Chris, almost left her because of the allegations, Nicole tearfully fired back, "That's not my problem! F--k her! She's so f--king fake! I'm going home. F--k you. I'm going home."

And this is the moment that made headlines a few months back.

Nicole was hysterical. She stormed off and ran downstairs, all the way out the front door. Jenni and Deena followed closely behind, as Angelina stayed back and read to the boys what she claimed were Nicole's messages. What she read, at least, was in fact accusatory.

"Yo, what the f--k happened in Vegas?" Angelina read from her phone. "I'm hearing you're trying to kiss Zack and ask him for a threesome and shit? Well, story is you're trying to bang him and literally tried to kiss him on his lips. Do you even remember?"

"I said, 'It's not true. Who's telling you this? You weren't even there,'" Angelina said she replied.

The supposed texts ended with: "No, I wasn't there. That's the last time I'll let you know the stupid shit you did. Good luck."

"It's not fair! I'm not a f--king bad person!" Nicole sobbed downstairs, as Jenni, Deena and producers tried to clam her down. "She's a f--king liar! I'm not doing it! She's f--king fake as f--k! It's not real!"

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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