Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

"That is a cheap attack line, Sunny," shouts Abby after she criticized the president.

Everyone at "The View" agreed that the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a special operations raid by U.S. commandos over the weekend was a reason to celebrate, but whether that success made the president impervious to criticism sparked serious debate.

Joy Behar was the first to give a dig at the president, bringing up tweets he posted back in 2012 imploring his followers to "Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden" and praise the Navy SEALs instead. She told Trump to "stop bragging about it so much" and give more credit where credit was due.

"We can all agree it is important to battle ISIS, this is a good thing," Sunny Hostin added. She then brought up reports that Trump "didn't inform everyone he should have" about the raid and didn't follow the normal chain of command when it comes to notifying congressional leaders.

"It concerns me, even in something like this, he just doesn't follow the rules," she added.

Abby Huntsman, however, didn't want to use this moment to criticize the president.

"It's a huge deal, it's a big deal ... I'm the believer, the president, like a CEO, when bad things happen you get the blame and when good things happen you get some credit," she said. "We spend every day on this show with a tit for tat and finding a reason to hit on Trump, say what a terrible president he is. I'm not going to do that today, I'm not gonna waste any of my time doing that, because the men and women involved in this, they don't deserve it."

"They do not deserve that ... they deserve to be praised," she added. "I think we need to take a breath and focus on how this came to be. I'm so proud of this country, we are the very best military in this earth."

Meghan McCain -- who said she hopes al-Baghdadi is "he's burning in hell with Osama Bin Laden" -- noted she didn't feel the same sense of celebration from the people about this death. Hostin had an explanation for that.

"I agree that this is a win for the country and certainly we need to honor the men and women in our armed forces who executed this and our allies, like the Kurds, who President Trump necessarily didn't thank first," she said. "He thanked Russia first."

"That is a cheap attack line, Sunny," Huntsman then shot at her cohost. "I think it's the truth," Sunny responded, "That's what happened in real time, it's not an attack line."

"Were you in the situation room?" Abby asked. "Was he in the situation room?" Sunny responded.

"I think that's why you're not hearing the patriotism that you heard when Osama Bin Laden was taken down," Hostin continued. "And that's why I think when he showed up at the World Series, people were yelling what they were yelling, you heard boos, you heard, 'Lock him up.'"

They then went to a regularly-scheduled commercial break and continued the conversation when they returned.

"I think one of the reasons this president does not feel the support of the country the way you would expect, is because many people do not feel he puts this country first," Hostin continued. "A lot of people feel he puts his finances first, people are questioning his methodology with Ukraine, people are feeling he uses this country as his own personal cash register."

"Can we just not do this today?" asked Abby. "You didn't put Russia in context, Sunny," she then added. "Put it in context for me," Hostin hit back.

"He thanked Russia before he thanked his own leaders, but the reality is this is the most dangerous mission that our military men and women can do ... and we couldn't have done it without their help," she said. "So if you're sitting there talking to generals in the moment, it's easy to sit at this table and attack him for calling Russia first, but that's not the reality. As much we hate Russia, we couldn't have done it without their help."

"Are you comfortable he told Russia about this before he told his own 'Gang of Eight'? I'm not," Sunny replied.

Joy then said everything he does is "tainted" because of his many controversies, with Meghan agreeing he brought the criticism on himself.

"I am the type of person, I am the, 'We're going to put a boot in their ass, it's the American way' woman on this set. I wear the American flag bandanas, I am that person," she said. "I will say, it is weird to thank Russia in the line of when he thanked versus our troops, special forces, the men and women in the military. You thank our troops, the flag and America first. Always, across the board."

"The saddest part of it is, this is really a celebratory day because we have brought a bastard to hell where he belongs, period," she continued. "But the sad part is, the politics and the things he has done -- I was shocked he thanked Russia first -- that still doesn't negate the fact this is a big win and we shouldn't be politicizing it. The problem is, he politicizes everything. I see both sides."