Jim Edmonds Speaks Out After Meghan Slams Behavior: 'I Love My Family and Will Make It Right Again'
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This wild story just took another unexpected turn.

There's a new update in the ongoing conflict between Meghan King Edmonds and husband Jim Edmonds, which has played out over the past week in the media.

Less than 24 hours after Meghan slammed him for "inappropriate" behavior with younger women, Jim has issued a lengthy, new statement of his own -- calling for "some peace" and "normalcy" again and vowing to "make it right."

Saying that he's felt "a combination of anger, embarrassment, trying to understand, sadness" and feeling "simply flat," Edmonds told Us Weekly that it's been an "emotionally exhausting sleepless five days." Five days ago, it should be noted, is when the publication first reported Jim had filed for divorce.

He went on to say that the two have been through a "rough" past couple years. "Marriage is difficult but add three small children under three, two adolescent children, two adult children, building a house and two busy, hard-working spouses and the stress of living our lives in the public eye," he wrote, "At times we are exhausted and feel our life has become one of distrust, kids, work, house, sleep and repeat."

"It saddens me tremendously that my wife is hurt," his statement continued. "After having a few days to digest the situation, I realize that something that occurred in a split second spiraled out of control with no way to stop it. We were both separately surprised to find out that the media had received details of our private situation without our knowledge."

Saying that the two could have "worked out" most of their issues "if we had more time for us," he claimed they were severely "lacking quality time together" due to their careers and son Hart's "medical needs" stemming from his brain injury.

Going forward, Jim vowed to handle things more privately, saying he never "quite enjoyed" all the publicity. "I have way too much love for my wife and kids for this to happen and it's time for us to get back to the private life we used to live," he wrote. "Meghan is a truly special woman who my kids are so fortunate to have as their mother."

He ended his statement saying he hoped for some "peace, normally and the ability to move forward in a healthy, happy direction" for all parties involved in this mess so far. "I love my family and will make it right again," he concluded.

Jim's new statement comes after Meghan broke her silence in a lengthy post of her own on Tuesday, claiming she learned Jim had filed for divorce from a reporter -- but noting her lawyers couldn't find anything. Jim has yet to comment publicly on whether he did actually file.

In her post she added that, in the wake of his infamous sexting scandal, "my husband was drinking and partying with much younger women, including several of our babysitters, and I found this gallivanting inappropriate, immature, and downright odd." She then accused him of lying about his whereabouts "and deleting entire text conversations on his phone with several of these young women."

Rumors recently emerged claiming Jim had an affair with the family's 22-year-old nanny, Carly Wilson, which both Jim and Carly have denied; the rumors were further fueled by pictures of them together at an ice hockey game.

"And when I learned of a particular outing with a babysitter, this time, to a hockey game, that Jim repeatedly lied about, I asked him to include me on all future texts with this sitter but he said, 'No.'" Meghan added. "Another major red flag."

Jim, for his part, has claimed he was with Ms. Wilson at the hockey game along with his best friend, and he only invited his babysitter to comfort her after her boyfriend allegedly dumped her. Wilson has also denied any inappropriate interactions with Jim.

Meanwhile, Meghan claimed to have confronted them both, but admitted she didn't know if Jim had slept with the babysitter or if they "were just being exceedingly inappropriate by hanging out socially without either of them telling me"; after dwelling on it for days, she claimed she doesn't believe they were intimate, but she still doesn't understand why he would lie about it.

Jim's daughter, Hayley, has also spoken out on her father's marriage to Meghan, which you can read here.