Farrah Abraham Shades Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline
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"Oh is everyone a star who's a Teen Mom fan and gets on the show?"

Farrah Abraham just Mariah Carey'd Jade Cline.

The "Teen Mom" star claimed she doesn't know the "Teen Mom 2" star — and questioned whether her successor could even be called a star.

"I don't know 'em, don't know 'em," she said when asked about the 22-year-old contender to the throne. "No I don't. I really actually don't."

When informed that Cline was the new "star" of "Teen Mom 2", Farrah asked: "Oh is everyone a star who's a Teen Mom fan and gets on the show?"

"But look I wish them all the best," she added with a snicker.

As she left Avra in LA on Thursday, the former adult actress was asked about the controversy surrounding Cline's recent sex toy giveaway on Instagram; her paretnership with Vush Stimulation drew some criticism from fans online, as well as comparisons to Farrah, who was sacked from "Teen Mom OG" for refusing to give up performing online cam shows.

"You know, I've already, I have a whole sex and wellness line, novelty line," Farrah shrugged. "So I don't think anything tops my controversy of sexual health and wellness."

When asked about the comparison, Farrah shot it down with derisive laughter.

"There's no comparison to me, as we know!" she scoffed.

Farrah first shot to fame on the 2009 original show of the franchise, "16 And Pregnant", before going on to star in "Teen Mom" for seven seasons (renamed "Teen Mom OG" from season 5 on).

Jade started off on the 2018 first season of the fourth spin-off "Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant", before being moved to "Teen Mom 2" to replace the fired Jenelle Evans half way through season 9.

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