RHONJ Recap: Teresa Gets 'Draining' Call from Joe, Then Flirts with Tony the Pool Contractor
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"Look at you! Mamma mia! You want him, huh?" a stunned Joe Gorga says to his sister.

Wednesday's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" kicked off with Teresa Giudice getting a phone call from Joe Giudice. He was angry and irritable and over being in ICE custody.

"What's going on?" Tre asked Joe, who replied, "Same ol' shit here." Teresa then said, "Did you put in the visiting forms for us? Because the girls wanna come and see you."

"I don't know how it works over here," Joe replied. "This isn't a normal prison, alright? Nobody knows anything in here."

Teresa then asked her husband if he was okay. "Am I okay?" he barked back. "I mean, what am I doing? 'I'm okay.' I'm going on 38 months in this crap. They wanna separate us now? We're married 20 years. We got four kids, alright? They wanna destroy four kids. I'm here now, and I'm getting deported, and that's all there is to it. I mean, it's over."

"You don't know if that's gonna happen," Teresa replied, as Joe fired back, "I don't know, but I don't see anybody in here walking out. They're all getting deported, alright?" Visibly aggravated, Teresa asked, "Can you not say that, Joe?"

"I'm gonna say it! I'm over it," he replied. "I'd rather be out and see you when I can than be sitting in this friggin junk hole. At this point, I don't care where the hell I go. I'm gonna fight it out a little while longer, and then I'm done. That's it. Lemme call you back. Stupid phone."

In her confessional, a somber Teresa said the phone calls from Joe were "getting very draining. We don't want him to suffer, but he's put us through all this, so he needs to sit there now as long as it takes and fight, especially for his daughters."

Tre's voice trembled as she told her dad, who overheard the whole conversation, "I can't take all this drama."

"I slap your husband," Nonno replied angrily. "He never did nothing right. He did everything wrong. Six times I told him go make a citizen. 'Yeah, yeah, I'll go.' He never did. He gotta blame himself."

Later, Jennifer Aydin showed the video Teresa had posted of Jennifer mocking Jackie Goldschneider to her daughter, Gabriella, to see what she thought about it. Last week, Jackie told Jennifer she felt the video was a form of bullying, and given that Gabriella's going through some pretty nasty bullying at school, Jennifer wanted her take on it.

"Well, I mean, I wouldn't like it if someone posted that about me. If my friend did that to me, it would hurt my feelings," Gabby told her mom, who asked her what she thought she should do. "If it really hurt her feelings, you should try to make it right," Gabby added, urging her mom to apologize.

"Even though she calls me tacky and a bragger and my kids are spoiled?" Jennifer asked. "It's gotten blown out of proportion, and now I just have to deal with it." Though she wasn't keen on apologizing, she told the camera she couldn't bear to tell her daughter she wouldn't.

Later, Tony the pool contractor came over to check on the pool Teresa was building for the girls. As we recently learned, Teresa's known Tony for ages. He's always had a thing for her, but then Joe swooped in, and the rest is history.

Based on what we saw Wednesday night, though, the chemistry is still very much there -- on both sides! Not only that, but Tony was willing to give Tre the pool that would've typically cost her $150,000 for $50,000 to $60,000.

In the midst of the pool talk and mild flirting, Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, stopped by. He noticed Tre was all giddy and said to her on their way into her house, "Look at you! Mamma mia! You want him, huh?"

"I didn't even do anything!" she said in a high-pitched voice.

Once inside, Joe warned Teresa about her budding friendship with Danielle Staub after his wife, Melissa Gorga, expressed her concerns to him. Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania, haven't been quiet about their warnings, either. Joe also urged Teresa to "stay away from Jackie" at Melissa's upcoming 40th birthday party because he didn't want any drama.

Before the party, while Teresa and Jennifer were getting ready (separately), they each consulted their daughters about how they should handle the evening's potential conflicts. Gia told Teresa to make sure Margaret knew she had her back and was just sticking up for Danielle because it was four against one, and Gabby told Jennifer to apologize to Jackie with no "buts."

"'But' just defends my point of view," Jennifer maintained, as Gabby asked, "But are you there to defend yourself, or are you there to apologize?" Drop the mic, Gabs.

At the party, Jackie told Melissa she was still upset with Teresa for not inviting her to the ladies' obstacle course challenge, and Margaret vented about how Teresa always chooses Danielle's side. So there were several potential fights brewing, and Melissa was focused only on getting drunk and having a good time.

She accomplished both.

Jennifer told Teresa about her Aha! moment and said she was going to apologize to Jackie. "You do what you have to do, but I don't like the f--king bitch," Tre replied. "She plays like, 'Oh you hurt my feelings,' but then she likes to bark up hurtful things towards other people, which I think is not right." Teresa elaborated in her confessional, saying, "The thought of anyone apologizing to Jackie makes me sick."

After several tequila shots, Jennifer walked over to Jackie. Dolores and Margaret were making bets as to whether she'd "f--k this apology up," and by their standards, she sort of did. She began by saying she thought the video was a joke and that she loves doing impersonations and feeds off of people's laughter. Eventually, though, she said, "I never meant to hurt you, and I'm sorry. Sincerely."

"That's all I wanted to know 'cause we were friends," a relieved Jackie replied. "I wouldn't be hurt if I didn't f--king like you." They hugged as Jackie added, "That's all I needed, honey!"

Over on the other side of the room, Frank Catania told Dolores and Joe Gorga he didn't think the peace would last because "Jackie is a female attorney. They have to have the last word no matter what." Dolores replied, "I do see what you're saying in Jackie." (This seems to become a bigger issue next week.)

Then Teresa, who made it obvious she was avoiding Jackie, asked Margaret if they could talk. Tre explained she felt bad for Danielle when Margaret called her a prostitute, but Margaret explained she can only hear so many "vile" things come out of Danielle's mouth before she explodes. Teresa let Margaret know that their friendship meant a lot to her.

Poor Margaret was also dealing with some childhood memories that were creeping up on her. She felt her mom, Marge Sr., was more occupied with being social and partying than she was with spending quality time with her daughter.

"This isn't new behavior. When I was a young girl, Marge Sr. -- quite the partier, cocktailer," Margaret said in a tearful confessional. "You know, she didn't think it would upset me, and I'd be home with my grandparents holding her f--king ankles, 'Don't go! Don't go! Don't go!' You think you get over your childhood shit, but you know, Marge Sr. -- I know she loves me, [but] she does things in my adult life [that] reminds me of my childhood."

The episode ended with the cast hammered and standing in a circle -- talking about oral sex and taking a trip to Jamaica for Jennifer's birthday.

"I put my husband's money where my mouth is, bitches!" she shouted. In the midst of the celebrating, Teresa didn't miss the opportunity to take a subtle jab at Jackie. During a conversation about everyone's zodiac sign (Jackie is a Libra), Tre said, "Libras a really nice people! I don't get it!"

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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