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Casting customers as everything from dogs to mountains, Corden helps one aspiring screenwriter's dreams come almost true ... if his dream is a charmingly awful low-budget film.

In what has easily become one of his more ridiculous skits, James Corden once again took to a Starbucks to make an aspring screenwriter's dreams come true, so long as those dreams weren't very big.

We're not sure how he passed on the greatest elevator pitch of all time -- "It’s a horror-comedy about two movie theater employees that find out the toilet in the projection booth is a portal to hell" -- but the "Late Late Show" host instead opted to film a love story between two competitors in the Iditarod called "Condensation Sensation."

Okay, maybe it was that incredible title that hooked him.

Last year when he did this, it looked like he was really confusing some of the Starbucks employees, but this year it looked obvious that the company and the branch was on board with him filming.

And yet, like "Crosswalk: The Musical," it was important that the store stay open during filming so this would look as chaotic and random as possible.

Corden and the screenwriter cast their stars from within the store, including an employee as the male lead and a charming young woman who was clearly game for whatever they had up their sleeves.

The film itself was absolutely corny -- so totally the kind of thing you might see actually get made -- with these two competitors going from bitter rivals on their way to becoming lovers.

As with any film project, though, there were setbacks. In this case, the biggest one was when Mason, the male lead, had to take off because his shift was over and he totally had an audition to get to. You know, a real audition for a hopefully real project.

Obviously, this didn't sit too well with James, but it gave him an excuse to invite "The Neighborhood" star Max Greenfield to the "set" to take over his role. Only James' solution to the scenes already filmed was to CGI Mason's face over Max's (and not vice-versa) because Mason was "really good."

We wouldn't want to spoil the ending, because if you've ever seen a romantic film anything similar to this you already know it, but we do want to take a few moments to shine a spotlight on two of the unsung heroes of the film.

James cleverly convinced them to join before revealing that they would be playing the dogs, pulling the sleds of our star-crossed lovers. And these guys were absolutely committed to their roles, really giving it their all. It's not every day grown men get to put on fake ears and pretend to be man's best friend, so they deserve a shout-out for their commitment, their passion, and their hard work.

They are, as they say in the biz, such good boys, yes they are. The bestest boys!

As always, it's as much fun to look around the scenes to see the jaded Los Angeles Starbucks patrons who just can't be fazed by crazy things happening around them, or who seem genuinely confused. The latter response certainly seems appropriate, though props to the customer who was still willing to portray a mountain for the dramatic finale of the film.

Look, "Condensation Sensation" is not likely to win any Oscars -- despite James' protestations -- but it certainly knows how to entertain. And with its incredibly low budget, it's almost guaranteed not to be the biggest flop of the year, and for any screenwriter's first project, we'd cal that a big win!

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