Teen Mom Stars and Their Kids

"It's frustrating," admits Houska.

Looks like Chelsea Houska's battle with baby daddy Adam Lind's family isn't over just yet.

On Tuesday night's "Teen Mom 2" reunion special, the reality TV star gave an update on the situation with her ex's parents, after they called her out of the blue requesting a change to their visitation arrangement in the season finale.

Currently, Houska and husband Cole DeBoer have custody of Aubree. Adam is only allowed to see her at school events or for supervised visitation, while his parents are given one visit a month, at which he can't be present. In the finale, Adam's mother Donna asked if Chelsea would allow Adam to be present when Aubree goes to their home -- and became confrontational when Chelsea wouldn't budge.

"It's frustrating," Houska said after watching a clip from their phone fight during the reunion. "I'm not good at confrontation. This time, I don't know what it was, but I was just like I've had enough."

"She called me and I feel like she doesn't respect me as Aubree's mom," she continued. "She feels like she should be able to make these decisions and I asked her, 'Why isn't he calling and asking this? Why doesn't he call on her birthday, does he want this or is this you?' Her answer was it's hard for her because she can't have family gatherings with Aubree and him there."

Chelsea went on to say she doesn't understand where Donna is coming from and doesn't believe "she's fully grasping [Adam's] issues or holding him accountable."

In the finale, Cole said Donna "flat out just said on the phone that he didn't ask for more time with [Aubree]." Chelsea, meanwhile, said she was offended Donna was trying to "make me feel like I'm making the wrong decision."

Speaking with Chelsea's father later, the two claimed Lind's mother said "it's time Chelsea stops punishing" Adam for his failures in the past. Donna also apparently said the current arrangement was "inconvenient for her."

With Aubree recently celebrating her 10th birthday, her dad cracked, "You only have 8 more years of this!

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays on MTV.