Elizabeth Hurley and Stephen Dorff Talk Best and Worst On-Screen Kisses, Slip in Some Playful Flirting
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Hurley also breaks down her true thoughts about "The Royals" ending while Dorff talks about the Marvel movie he almost starred in before the studio went family friendly with Disney.

There was a surprise Marvel connection between Andy Cohen's guests Monday night. Elizabeth Hurley stars in the Hulu series "Runaways," while Stephen Dorff had an infamous role as vampire Deacon Frost in Wesley Snipes' "Blade."

But it was a different connection that almost stole the show, and certainly got Cohen smiling and looking sheepishly at his guests. They are actors, but there was an undeniable chemistry as they both started flirting pretty aggressively during one segment.

It all started with Stephen getting an unexpected compliment from Andy on his voice, to which Elizabeth jumped in to agree. "To an English person, that’s the sort of accent we like because it sounds really American," she said of Stephen's voice.

When Andy said he appreciated how deep it was, Dorff joked, "Yeah, that’s probably from the smoking, too, over the years."

Not one to let a moment to make his guests squirm pass by, Andy asked Elizabeth if she would ever date someone who smoked. When she said no, Stephen looked at her earnestly and said, "I'll quit for you."

He quickly waved it off, but the moment was indelibly stamped in our minds. Plus, the banter continued as he teased her for having Nicorette when she said she'd quit and worried about starting up again.

On-Screen Snogging

Speaking of chemistry, the pair were also asked if they'd be willing to out their best and worst on-screen kisses, and Elizabeth was willing to answer both. As for Dorff, he only credited Susan Sarandon as a best kiss, and said he couldn't think of a worst.

For Elizabeth, though, her best kiss was apparently Matthew McConaughey, and she got to enjoy that snogfest quite a bit. "It was a movie called ‘Ed TV,’ directed by Ron Howard," she recalled, adding with a smile. "We did a lot of kissing in it."

As for her worst, Elizbabeth didn't want to name any names, instead saying simply it was "a German actor I did a movie with" and "we hated each other." Again, she said the script called for a lot of intimacy between the characters. "I didn't like it," she sneered. "Horrible."

Now, we're not detectives, but a quick online search has us suspecting her odd role in the 1990 film "Kill Cruise," where she starred as one of two lounge singers who befriend a skipper -- played by German actor Jürgen Prochnow -- before things get odd and murder-y. The whole thing sounds bonkers, but it also involves some of that snogging between Hurley's character and the maybe-good captain.

Royal Endings

A better role for Elizabeth definitely came when she was tapped to star in "The Royals," though fans were left wanting when the series ended abruptly after four seasons. And it turns out they weren't alone.

"I think everyone thought there was definitely going to be a fifth season, so I think the storylines weren’t really finished properly," Hurley said of the soapy E! series. "I think a lot of the fans were upset that they didn’t tie up loose ends, and we were upset, too, in a way."

American Grunting

Stephen was asked about some of his memorable roles, too, including a little-known one as a backing vocalist for Lenny Kravitz' "American Woman," though it wasn't what Andy thought.

Stephen didn't so much sing as he grunted. In fact, the iconic "uunnhhh" sound that punctuates the chorus was actually Dorff, who came by the moment on a whim.

"I’m friends with Lenny, I was in the studio and he’s like, ‘Get out here. Give me a uuhhh," Stephen said. "So I did it and, yeah, then he gave me a credit on it."

Marvel Spin-Off

One of Stephen's most famous roles almost got even bigger, as one caller asked him why he never reprised his performance as evil vampire Deacon Frost in any of the original "Blade" sequels. As it turns out, there were even bigger plans for Frost.

"At one point we talked about doing a Deacon Frost movie, but it never really quite happened," Stephen said. "Marvel had taken off with Disney and they were doing more family fare and we had a pretty dark pitch. But, you know, I love that character."

He added that maybe one day, he'd get the chance. And he also made sure to point out, "My friend Mahershala Ali, who did ‘True Detective’ with me, he’s gonna be Bade in the new reboot that they’re doing."

Okay, we here you, Stephen. Sounds like you need to make a quick phone call and get the OG Deacon Frost into this new Blade franchise!


Elizabeth wasn't even sure if she should be sharing this story, but when asked about her craziest fan encounters, she went with something pretty close to literal, revealing that she's been dealing with an ongoing stalker situation and that all of his letters go in a special "Nutter" file in her London office.

"He only stalks two people. I’m one of them. And the other is the queen of England," Elizabeth said, which she made out to be way less wild than it sounds.

She went on to emphasize that "every time he changes location, we get told by Scotland Yard," before wondering if she should be sharing any of this at all. But as Andy pointed out, it does sound like the authorities are keeping tabs on this individual, which has to be a relief for both her and ... oddly enough ... the Queen of England.

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