Every Time Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Social Media Jabs Made Us LOL

"The people of Peloton didn't want us to get a hold of her," Reynolds tells Jimmy Fallon.

Ryan Reynolds stunned the world with the incredibly quick turnaround of his latest Aviation Gin ad, coming hot on the heels of Peloton's controversial exercise bike ad ... and inexplicably starring the same woman.

The Aviation ad was clearly a direct response to the Peloton controversy, which saw people on social media criticize the company for suggesting the husband gifted her wife this bike so she would be thinner and that she hated it.

The company stands behind the ad, and apparently they weren't too keen on Reynolds filming a reaction to it, either. Or at least, they weren't in any hurry to help him do so.

"The people of Peloton didn't want us to get a hold of her," Reynolds told Jimmy Fallon Thursday night on "The Tonight Show." According to the actor, it was "withing a few hours of her ad" that his team was on the case and trying to track her down, which they obviously were able to do.

So why was he so passionate about reaching out to this woman, Monica Ruiz, who found herself embroiled in this controversy?

"I've been there in that position as an actor where you do something that doesn't quite work," he said. "And I really wish someone from a gin company called me right after 'Green Lantern' and was like, 'Hey, I got something funny you can do as an answer to that.'"

The actor also dished on his near-accident at CCXP in Brazil, when a security rail collapsed under fans reaching toward him. Fallon showed the clip, which showed Reynolds deftly jumping out of the way. But it also captured his "6 Underground" co-star Joe Keery ("Stranger Things").

When Fallon asked if Keery actually saved Reynolds, the actor quipped, "You can see him saving his beverage, he's not worried about me. That guy's uncomfortable with the word hero. He's like the Big Lebowski."

Reynolds also tried to play off not revealing his wife's pregnancy the last time he was on the show. It came literally hours before the premiere of "Detective Pikachu," where Blake Lively stunned attendees with her pregnant belly.

"I said, what's up? What's going on in your life? And you said not much," Fallon chastised him.

"Nobody was more surprised than me, Jimmy," Reyolds replied.

He also talked about one of his worst fears as a parent coming true, when his young daughter revealed she wanted to get into acting, as he doesn't feel show business is a good idea for kids at all.

"What's cheaper and easier is let's just skip showbiz and enroll you right into cocaine," he said was his counter-offer.

As evidenced by his deadpan responses to Fallon's questions, and how quickly he can just riff off the top of his head, Reynolds was perfectly suited for Fallon's big game of the night. Camila Cabello joined the pair to see how god of liars they were, and if they could hold up under intense scrutiny and interrogation.

In front of each of them are two statements, one true and one false. Randomly, they select and read a statement and then defend it to their dying days, no matter which one it is, with the other two grilling them intently.

The game turned out to be a lot of fun as Reynolds had to defend a story about his mom accidentally thinking a urinal cake was soap and using one to wash her hands, Fallon had to justify a story about a bronze statue of him being at the bottom of a lake on Neil Young's property, and Cabello had to explain how she came to lose Taylor Swift's cat.

Or did any of those things happen? As with many of Fallon's games, we immediately thought about how much fun this one would be to play in our own lives. And for the record, every single one of them did a fantastic job of backing their story, though not all of them were true. But you'll have to check out the video to see who was lying and who wasn't.

And then you'll never trust anyone again.

Ryan Reynolds stars with Joe Keery in "6 Underground," hitting Netflix Friday.

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