Mariah Carey's Billy on the Street Video Is Making Christmas Dreams Come True
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You're a true Grinch if this video doesn't make you crack a smile.

Mariah Carey's love for Billy Eichner's "Billy on the Street" series has come full circle, as the elusive chanteuse herself teamed up with the comedian for the latest episode.

Back in early November, Carey started tweeting like crazy about her newfound appreciation for Eichner's show, after binging it on Netflix. That started a Twitter back and forth between the two stars, before it eventually went offline.

Cut to a month-and-a-half later, and the two are together at last.

With the Queen of Christmas joining forces with the self-described "Hanukkah Goblin" to spread a little holiday cheer, the two bounded around New York City together, leaving pedestrians totally starstruck in their wake.

The duo handed out menorahs and Christmas trees during trivia, Carey showed off her Swedish-speaking skills and they even instigated some sidewalk PDA as they hit the streets with mistletoe.

Check out the full clip above!

"I've only seen clips of 'Billy on the Street' but now that it's on Netflix I am 3 episodes in, hysterically laughing and crying by myself and I might binge this until the sun comes up," Carey tweeted back in November.

"For a dollar, how many episodes have I watched in two days? A) Season 1. B) Season 2. C) Not nearly enough. D) All of the above. Obsessed," she added later.

"That was really wild," Eichner said during an appearance on The Late Late Show. "She sent multiple tweets in a few days. At first I saw she was following me and I wanted to play it cool but I've been obsessed with her my whole life."

"I screen grabbed that she was following me and sent it to all my friends," he added, "We were all secretly freaking out."

Full episodes of Billy on the Street are streaming on Netflix.