Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

"People go nuts with rumors on this show and this week has been no exception," she said.

Abby Huntsman shot down one final rumor about "The View" during her last day at the show on Friday.

Before signing off for good, the cohost kicked off the hour by calling out some of the reports about why she's leaving her post -- after CNN Business said her decision came, in part, because of "a soured relationship" between her and Meghan McCain.

CNN was hardly the only outlet to draw a line between her exit and McCain and while Abby didn't specifically reference one report in particular, she claimed she has no ill-will toward anyone on the show.

"People go nuts with rumors on this show and this week has been no exception," she said, after some of her highlights played in a tribute package. "I just want to be as clear as I possibly can, this has been a dream come true, this has been an incredible job, I do love everyone at this table."

"You guys see the ups and downs of all of our life, Meghan has been ... you've seen what she's been through in her life ... you guys live it with us," she continued. "It's not easy everyone to come out here and be so open and honest and talk about the hardest topics of the day. I have so much respect for everyone at this table and everyone at the show."

"I want to make it clear as day, with everything that's been written about this place, I'm so thankful for all the new friends I have here, for the friends I had before and still have and for the opportunity because this place has changed my life for the better," she concluded.

According to CNN sources, "Abby was sick of being berated by Meghan for perceived slights. She ultimately decided she didn't need this job and it wasn't worth it." In a statement, McCain insinuated CNN's reporting was sexist, writing, "I find it hard to believe that CNN would cover a story about men this way. Abby has been my friend for years and will always be my friend. I love her and her family very much."

The 33-year-old revealed earlier this week she is departing from the daytime show to help manage her father Jon Huntsman Jr.'s campaign for governor of Utah.

"You have to come back," said McCain after Abby's comments Friday, as Joy Behar joked that Huntsman could still reverse her decision to go. Guest cohost Ana Navarro also said she's come to really "admire" Huntsman and her decision to spend time with her family. Whoopi Goldberg, who is almost always out on Fridays, was MIA for her last show.

Goldberg, however, did say her goodbyes on Thursday: