Must-See Celebrity Instagram Post of the Week

After Lil Wayne's unmasking over the weekend, the panel is emboldened with ridiculous guesses like Celine Dion and Matthew McConaughey. Uh, no.

"The Masked Singer" is mixing up its format this season, which means that rather than moving on to a whole new group of stars, we're sticking with this "Group A" for the time being.

It's a savvy move, as it allows us to better focus and perhaps get to know Kangaroo, Llama, Miss Monster, Turtle and White Tiger a little better watching them in back-to-back weeks, rather than waiting almost a month for them to show up again.

Jason Biggs was unmasked on the panel, because apparently guest panelists are a recurring thing now. Is this because our regular panelists are so bad at their jobs?

Of course, after last week's Lil Wayne reveal, they may not be quite so wrong to shoot for the moon with some of their guess ... though Beyonce is still not doing this show.

This week, it was yet another huge star getting unmasked before this group moves on to next week's Group A Championship round. From there, the three remaining masks will move on to the actual finals and we'll finally move on to Group B.

As always, the weakest performer got the boot, but we're still going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love ... to torture you._


Llama did a pretty good soundalike performance of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual." But while he had a more polished sound this week, his moves were still definitely more in line with a comedian than a stage performer. His whole vibe just screams comedy, and even as he hit every note, we still aren't thinking professional singer by any means.

Guesses: This week, Llama said it took him a while to find success in his career, and said he was "most likely to be found near firing cannons. A pun on Nick's name or Johnny Knoxville, as Jason mused.

Robin was thinking maybe Zack Galifianakis, while Ken thought it wasn't his "Hangover" co-star, but his "Community" co-star Joel McHale. Nicole was getting a stoner vibe, thinking Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey because Lil Wayne has her shooting for the moon!

As for the internet, they've still got on idea who this is, with sporadic guesses like Kelsey Grammer and Drew Carey mixed in with lots of "I don't know."


Miss Monster got "Fancy" with her own take on the classic Bobbie Gentry song. This week, even more than last, she was giving off a vibe of an old-school R&B singer. Her physical movements were limited, but that costume doesn't offer much. And she definitely put her own vibe on the song without soaring, but putting grit and heart into it instead.

Guesses: Her package showed a chess queen and she said she was voted "most likely to be in the presence of royalty." So clearly she performed for royalty at some point during her surely illustrious career. We're feeling confident she's filling that legendary singer slot this season.

Jenny is thinking Mary Wilson from The Supremes, while Jason went more abstract with Priscilla Presley, turning royalty into the King of Rock 'n Roll. Ken's guess was absolutely terrible; this is not Celine Dion. Come on, that's one of the most iconic voices in music!

But another iconic voice is Chaka Khan, and that remains the internet's favorite guess (though not their only one). We're not sure why she'd feel the need to redeem herself or prove anything the way OG Monster T-Payne did.


White Tiger went with rap again, this time taking on Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations." His dancing was off the beat and his rapping was not great, but he did bring out some classic dance moves. Look, guys, this was not good. He even forgot the lyrics he was performing so badly at one point. But hey, he flossed.

Guesses: He was voted "most likely to go to the mat for a friend," and his package dropped more hints about some sport involving mats (wrestling, boxing, MMA). But he also emphasized he's known for celebrating, like end zone dancing or something.

Jason gave a rock-solid guess with Hulk Hogan because Tiger is huge, and Hulk has about that much rhythm. Robin, though, took our Super Bowl clues to line up with the internet in thinking it might be Rob Gronkowski.

The internet is still thinking Gronk, but this week they seemed to be even more amazed at what a trainwreck his performance was.