L&HH: Miami's Trina Has Sage Advice For People Criticizing Adele Weight Loss (Exclusive)
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The same words of wisdom can be applied to those offering their opinion on Lizzo's figure.

Would you like to comment on Adele's weight loss? Or perhaps Lizzo's health? Well Trina has some advice for you.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star was shooting a music video with fellow rapper Mulatto when she was asked about Adele's recent weight loss — and the negative comments it has attracted online.

"I think she looks beautiful. Yeah she looks amazing," Trina said. "What's the problem?"

"Health as well, she's looking healthy," she added, again asking: "What's the problem?"

When it comes to trolls of course, stars cannot do anything right; Lizzo garners the same level of bile from the same dark corners of the internet for proudly displaying her figure.

"Lizzo looks fine. Everybody looks fine," Trina clarified, before suggesting: "Tell em to go f--k off and mind they business."

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