Jeff Lewis Wants Ex Gage Edward to 'Stop Being So Vile and So Ugly' After New Lawsuit
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"He's taking it to an ugly place," says Lewis.

Jeff Lewis got quite the 50th birthday gift from ex Gage Edward: another lawsuit!

The "Flipping Out" star revealed his ex was suing him for $125,000 over a loan Gage gave Jeff when they were still together. Speaking about the suit on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live on Tuesday, his birthday, he said he fully expected to be served with court papers later that day.

"It is calculating and measured to file a lawsuit on Monday, the day before my birthday," he said during the show. "And by the way, I fully expect to be served today, on my birthday. Forget my birthday, during this time right now to be doing this is sick."

While Lewis admitted Edward lent him money, the two seem to disagree on the amount, with Jeff saying Gage owes him "a significant amount of money" as well. Last Friday, according to Lewis, he agreed to go into arbitration over the issue, only to learn Edward had filed the lawsuit on Monday.

"I don't understand it, I don't get it, I don't know what he's doing," said Jeff. "I think he's actually just trying to fight me for the sake of fighting. I think he's trying to damage me publicly. And I think this is a way of taking a swing at me, even though I have agreed that there is a loan and I have agreed to arbitrate. It's kind of insane we're not looking at a trial."

Talking about how costly a trial will be, Jeff said his ex would "do far better financially if he stops being so nasty, stops being so vile and so ugly." He added, "I do think this is about revenge for him. I'm now even wondering if it's about money. He knows he would do far better just negotiating with me."

According to Jeff, he would have agreed to pay child support for their daughter Monroe and "paid him his stupid f--king number" when it comes to the loan, while waiving the "huge amount of money he owes me" had they gone to arbitration. "Now it's all off the table," he said, "He's taking it to an ugly place."

Lewis believes the money they're "spending fighting each other" could be better used elsewhere, like his own employees, "half of which are laid off" right now. He also wondered how Gage was funding his legal endeavors, saying, "My design business is tanking right now, so if my design business is tanking, he has got to be tanking." He went on to call Gage's lawsuits "financial suicide."

"In his head he's entitled to certain things, he's 100% convinced he's going to get these things," he added. "It's a crazy sense of entitlement. I don't believe he'll be getting anything he believes he's entitled to. I'm worried for him financially, I think he's creating a huge financial hole for himself. I'm worried about him, I still worry about him."

When asked by Heather McDonald if there were any "signs" over the years that could have warned him this could happen, Lewis said his ex was "selfish with money."

"He didn't really contribute much to the household even though he was making very good money. He actually contributed nothing to the household," claimed Jeff. "He had a loan with his parents he wasn't intending on paying back, his parents needed the money and I made him pay them back. That always stuck with me, because I would never do that."

While the two have been checking in with each other daily and even had a phone conversation over the weekend that was over 90 minutes long, Lewis admitted it's finally time to cut off communication.

"The door was never quite totally closed for me and now it's slammed shut, locked. Now I'm gonna stop talking to him," he said. "Now unless there's an emergency, we're not going to do checkins every day. I think it made me feel still connected to him and we've had nice text exchanges. I just now have to close that door."

The talk about Gage ended with Jeff also saying his ex's recent Instagram posts have been "a little alarming" to him, saying he believes they show "a little bit of instability."

"It's not someone I recognize," he added.

Gage's attorney had no comment.