'Bachelor in Paradise' Alum Daniel Maguire Speaks Out on Corinne-DeMario Scandal, Potential Cancellation (Exclusive)
Meet 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 4 Cast

As new details emerge on the "Bachelor In Paradise" scandal, former contestants are expressing their confusion and concern for all of the parties involved.

The ABC reality show shut down production Sunday on Season 4 after allegations of "misconduct" were reported. "BIP" had only been filming for a few days before it was suspended "indefinitely" and sent the cast members back home from their filming location in Sayulita, Mexico.

The allegation concerns an encounter between cast members Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson which occurred after a day of drinking at the bar. Insiders close to both Olympios and Jackson have conflicting accounts of what went down and Warner Bros., who produces the series, has remained mum on its internal investigation into the incident.

TooFab spoke to "Bachelor In Paradise" Season 3 cast member Daniel Maguire to find out more about the environment on set, expectations from producers and what went down during the Corinne-DeMario hookup that shut down production.

"I’ve never met Corinne, but just seeing her on TV and hearing things and what cast members say about her, they weren’t surprised it was her involved in the situation," Maguire told TooFab.

"Either nothing seriously happened or the producers should have stepped in because it was out of control. But either way they were both drunk and playing around and that's it. Or if she was saying 'no' and there was a sexual assault then obviously a producer should have intervened. But we won’t know until evidence comes up," he said.

Here is what else Maguire told TooFab:

Describe the relationship between contestants and producers on the set of "Bachelor in Paradise."

"I mean, I was fairly close with them and got along with them great. I really enjoyed hanging out with them, you know. They’re always around and they’re good with cast member. You know they have their favorites... just like with anything you have people you like, people you don't - just different personalities. They're the ones getting interviews, setting up dates and what not. I’m still close with a lot of them because I mean there was a possibility of me going to Paradise again until it got cancelled and you know over the past year we stayed in contact and the same with some of the other cast members... They still talk to some of the producers as well."

Do they encourage hooking up? If so, how do they go about doing that? Are you told and expected to do it, or are they more subtle or manipulative in getting the cast to do it.

"In my experience, no. I have never seen that happen nor could I imagine it. I mean as for hooking up... it seems a little crazy to say, 'Go hookup with someone.' They kind of give you confidence or say, 'Hey, try to give her a kiss' as if you would work out to be a good couple. They would either boost your confidence or give you direction if you're uncertain about certain things - but not in an aggressive way and not in a way that would be over the top in a sense. I can’t imagine that."

Has there ever been a situation that you felt like the producers put a juicy storyline ahead of the cast's safety?

"Oh god, no - never in a million years! At the end of the day we are adults and we have the final say in what we want to do and how we behave. We all know its being filmed. We all know there are cameramen around and we all know everything we say and do are on camera. I’m always aware that people are gonna be watching. When I was there [last season] people got drunk and I got very intoxicated and there might be a hint or suggestion, but not, 'Do this, do that' - not even close. At the end of the day when safety comes down to it, the worst thing you can have is a serious injury or things get shut down. We don't want that. We want to avoid that, but it's still reality TV and producers still want to get good ratings."

Were there ever any iffy situations that made you uncomfortable?

"I was never uncomfortable... Everyone has a different opinion on that sort of thing. We know we are grownups. We know what we signed up for and that's reality TV. We knew what we're getting ourselves into."

Have you ever witnessed or heard of the producers intervening in a situation?

"For me, I was always aware the cameras are rolling. I'm 32-years-old. I drank my whole life.. it's not like I’m a 16-year-old girl who hasn't drank for the first time. I mean, this isn’t their first time drinking - they’re young adults, they’ve been in this position before. This is such a sticky situation. In my opinion, if it was extremely bad, you would think people would step in, but who knows, I mean I hope everyone's ok and no one's hurt, but I also hope they solve the problem soon because if people are trashing him [DeMario] yet the whole story is not released, they're giving him a bad rep."

Have you met Corinne or DeMario, or have any kind of relationship with them?

"I’ve never met Corinne, but just seeing her on TV and hearing things and what cast members say [about her], they weren’t surprised it was her involved in the situation."


What are your thoughts on the allegations? Do you trust one side more than the other?

"First off, it's hard to comment without seeing the video. One thing is it's not Corinne's first time drinking. She’s not 16. We are all grown adults and we need to take responsibility for whatever happened on both sides. I don't know if it's one side over the other or who’s to blame here, but three to five girls here have boyfriends so I don't know what they’re doing here in the first place. I guess it shows you a lot of people who are there aren’t there for the right reasons - for love. But I’m not there just for love, I'm also there to be on the beach and have fun and to meet girls - but girls who have boyfriends... I mean, Corinne has a boyfriend and DeMario for example said pretty openly what happened so he’s not trying to hide anything or be shy about it so I guess we will have to wait for more information."

Knowing what you do about the allegations, what do you feel the producers should have done in the situation?

"It's really hard to comment unless I saw what was happening. Either nothing seriously happened or the producers should have stepped in because it was out of control, but either way they were both drunk and playing around and that's it. Or if she was saying no and there was a sexual assault then obviously producer should have intervened and we won’t know until evidence comes up."

There are reports emerging the show might be cancelled altogether. Do you think that’s the right course of action?

"If it is cancelled, it is very unfortunate because first off, let's go to the the cast members who were there and invested their lives, taken time away from jobs, quit jobs, put their lives on hold to find love or fame. It screws them so they have in a sense got screwed short term or long term. Like my friend Vince who was down there, it helped his DJ career and appearances and endorsements and now they aren't able to make money from that. But also the whole production team put time and energy into making this show happen and it sucks for them. Another thing, all the people who get pleasure from watching it, people love it! I talked to probably 10,000 people and they all say how much they love watching me. For example, say if I go on [this season] think of all the people who wouldn’t be happy if the show isn’t on."

Wait, so you were supposed to be appearing on "Bachelor In Paradise" this season as one of the surprise guests?

"I can only say so much, but there's a possibility of me being on it."

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