Gay Hollywood: 96 Out and Proud LGBT Stars

A candid Amber Heard talked about her bisexual orientation, but thinks closeted gay male actors coming out would once and for all end any existing stigma in Hollywood.

"If every gay man that I know personally in Hollywood came out tomorrow, then this would be a non-issue in a month," said Heard during The Economist's second annual Pride & Prejudice event in New York City Thursday.

Despite the progress the LGBT community has made, Heard said: "we have a long way to go."

Heard said she has come out on social media for the first time, but "it was just not important or interesting enough to make headlines."

The actress first revealed her sexual orientation during interview with Ellen DeGeneres back in 2010, where she said she was never planning on "coming out." Heard's friends and family always knew she was bisexual and was in an openly gay relationship at the time.

"I just answered honestly. I could tell by the look on this person's face it was a big deal. My poor publicist," she said. "I realized the gravity of what I had done and why so many people -- studio execs, agents, advisers—did not want this coming before my name. I became attached to a label. I've never seen myself defined by the person I'm with," Heard said.

"I saw myself being in this unique position and having a unique responsibility. So, I bit the bullet."

Heard recalled previously being told that being openly bisexual as an actress in Hollywood would cause problems in her career.

"As a leading lady, there's a certain amount of wish fulfillment. I was asked 'How is anyone going to invest in you romantically if they think you're unavailable?'" she said. "I said, 'Watch me do it.'"

Heard, who was involved in a messy split from ex-husband Johnny Depp last year, said she's proud to see more actors throughout Hollywood coming out, but there are still so many that should be open to it.

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