It's all been leading to this.

This whole season of "The Walking Dead" has slowly been building to an all out war against Negan, as Rick rallied support from communities all around Alexandria.

A preview for the season finale (above) suggests that war might finally arrive.

AMC's promo for the last episode of the season shows Dwight telling Rick, "I want Negan dead," a sentiment shared among most of the TWD universe.

The clip also shows the Big Bad talking to the still-imprisoned Sasha. "You are gonna help make sure things get back on track today," he tells her.

"No one has to die," she responds. "You are wrong," he's heard saying.

We've already explained why the finale doesn't look good for Sasha ... and this doesn't help. Click here to see what we think will happen.

In a clip from the episode itself (below), Ezekiel attempts to talk Morgan -- who's wearing Benjamin's armor -- into joining the Kingdom in battle.

"You are not stuck. Join us on this journey to form an alliance," the king says. "Fight with us and we shall defeat them so no one will have to suffer under their capricious malevolence again."