Stars Who Swing Both Ways

Andy Cohen previewed the premiere of Fox’s reboot of the 1980’s unscripted series “Love Connection” during a call with reporters on Monday.

Each hour long episode will feature single men and/or women with an honest desire to find their soul mate reveal what they are looking for in a partner and why they believe they are still single.

The show is now switching things up and adding a $10,000 twist. As the singles talk through each of their self-planned dates with the candid host, they will have to choose one suitor to have a romantic overnight getaway and if their pick matches the studio audience’s pick then they are rewarded the grand prize.

But if they don’t? The single will have to decide to either give up the money and go on the overnight date with their original choice or take the money and go on the overnight date with the audience’s pick.

During the conversation, TooFab asked Cohen how the dates are planned, what has surprised him and which housewife would be his dream contestant.

TooFab: Between the "Real Housewives" franchise and Watch What Happens Live, I think it’s safe to say you’ve seen it all, but has any contestant on the show surprised you?

“You know what, there were lots of surprises on 'Love Connection,' but in the first episode there is a black woman named Sheena who goes on her first ever date with a white guy and it actually elicits some really great comedy and there’s a really sweet ending to the story and so that was really kind of surprising and fun to me.”

TooFab: The contestants get to choose what they want to do on their dates, right?

“Yeah, they plan the dates. We give them $500 and say do anything with it.”

TooFab: Would you bring the 'Real Housewives' onto the show? Who would be your dream contestant?

“Yeah. I would. Oh my god, anyone who is single.”

Here is the rest of the chat with Cohen and reporters:

Are we going to have gay match ups?

“Yep, you bet. We’ve got some great lesbians and some great gay guys and actually, the gay guys are from Chicago.”

Who influenced you?

“Really myself. I liked Chuck Woolery’s ease because he’s pretty calm, relaxed and mellow, but I’m pretty excitable so that goes away. I really kinda love asking people personal awkward questions.”

How has it been updated to make it more modern?

“We’ve got a $10,000 twist at the end of the show, where if the audience chooses someone different than the dater then they have to decide between kind of you know q love connection or money and rejection, which is kind of amazing. They also go on way more dates and date each of the potential three suitors. We have them score the dates at the beginning of the dates based on first impression looks and then the rest is really a he said, she said dating.”

What makes you an authoritative voice on dating?

“I don’t know if I am an authoritative voice on dating. I am enthusiastic about matchmaking and hearing about people’s dates and talking to people about their dates and love lives. I just think like I’m that friend who just wants to get in there and talk to people about it. I think Mike Fleiss, who produces ‘The Bachelor’ and is also a producer on our show is an authoritative voice on dating so I leave the matchmaking up to him and the questions up to me.”

Have you had a real life matchmaking success in real life? “I have had matchmaking successes for people who went on great dates and ended up hooking up, but not getting married.”

What other previews can you give us?

“We’ve got a great lesbian group of daters, one of whom comes out to her mother on the air. We’ve got a man who is in his 70’s who went on his first Tinder date, but the woman stood him up so we set him up with three dates. We’ve got gay guys. We have a lot of big ones.”

Why did you want to host?

“I love the format, I love asking awkward questions. It just felt like the perfect marriage of a show for me.”

Is there a celebrity on this?

“This is really about real people looking for real love. Yes, we did one little format twist with someone from my universe, but it really is more about us trying to find love for real people.”

What was it like working with Mike, the king of dating?

“It was great, it was really great. He’s amazing and we’re both Dead Heads. He’s not that familiar with Housewife Nation and I’m not that familiar with Bachelor Nation. So it was perfect. We kind of came together with ‘Love Connection’ and you know, the Grateful Dead.”

Would you get Chris Harrison on “Love Connection?”

“Oh, is he single? I would love it! I have a feeling Chris Harrison at this point does not want to date on television.”

What was the casting like for this?

“The casting process was we just put out word that you just had to be looking for love and we wanted diversity of all kinds.”

Did you keep in touch with any contestants?

“Oh yeah. You have updates on everybody and it’s incredible how many are still dating. Every update I see I’m like, ‘Wow, this is great! We actually made some real couples I feel like.’”

Would you do it?

“I would go on three dates, but not on TV.”

“Love Connection” premieres Thursday, May 25 at 9 PM ET/PT on Fox.

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