19 Most Brutal Emmy Snubs

This year’s Emmys might look a lot like the primetime hours of a Democratic National Convention — especially because Hollywood basically blew its first award show opportunity to take on Donald Trump.

Though the Golden Globes took place just over a month after Trump won the 2016 election, it was pretty clear from the start that the show wouldn’t be all that political. After all, it was being hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the congenitally nice guy who caught tons of flack for rubbing Trump’s hair instead of asking him tough questions on "The Tonight Show" during the heat of the presidential campaign. And while Fallon made a few Trump jokes up top —- it’d have been insane to avoid it at all —- he did largely keep the evening apolitical.

But TooFab has a strong hunch the Emmys will be different, for a lot of reasons, when they air in September. As the nominations made clear on Thursday, voters have politics on the mind — and so does the show’s host.

1. Stephen Colbert is Hosting

After an incredible decade on “The Colbert Report,” it took awhile for Stephen Colbert to find his footing as the new host of CBS’s “Late Show.” He tried to avoid politics for most of his first year, but ultimately decided to go all-in on the 2016 election. It led to a massive surge in ratings — he overtook Fallon in total viewers — and critical acclaim, and now he’s going at the president on a nightly basis. By September, he’ll have a whole lot of options for his monologue.

2. The "SNL" Surge

Thought perhaps irrelevant due to its once-a-week nature in a 24/7 media world, "Saturday Night Live" instead used the anarchy of the political moment to power an incredible comeback year. Lorne Michaels’ program leaned heavily on the absurdity of the election and Trump himself, who was played by to great acclaim by Alec Baldwin. The actor earned an Emmy nomination for the performance — one of a record-tying 22 nominations for “SNL” this year. They will be all over this year’s Emmys.

3. Rise of the Dystopia

Several new hit dramas this year were expressly political and very culturally relevant. While not expressly about the Trump, Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic novel "The Handmaid's Tale" created a world that many people fear is the future envisioned by the current White House. Women are subservient in the militant Christian society of "The Handmaid's Tale," barred from working, reading, owning property, or mostly even having kids. Critically acclaimed, it earned 13 Emmy nominations.

Meanwhile, "Westworld" is its own version of dystopia, a virtual society run by a power-hungry egomaniac… sound familiar? HBO’s hit earned a whopping 22 nominations, tied for the lead with "SNL."

4. The Well-Timed Madoff Movie

Bernie Madoff’s epic swindle was exposed (after it went bust) over half a decade ago, and we’re only now getting the story told on screen. HBO produced “The Wizard of Lies,” the latest movie adaptation of the debacle, with Robert De Niro in the lead role. What’s remarkable about the movie is that it portrays Madoff as an unrepentant monster, a product of capitalism with no remorse for hurting people. In a country increasingly hostile to Wall Street — and, somehow, being run by a billionaire — there’s a good chance "Wizard" will take home several Emmys from its three nominations.

5. The Presenters and Winners

No word yet on who will be presenting during the Emmys, but it’s just about impossible to imagine lots of them won’t have some harsh words for Trump. Shonda Rhimes, one of TV’s biggest moguls, certainly will have a lot to say if she’s brought on stage, as will creators like Judd Apatow and Jill Soloway. And the winners — here’s looking at you Alec Baldwin — will also likely have some big political speeches planned.

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