Stephen Colbert returned to "The Late Show" this week, just in time to roast Steve Bannon for his upcoming "60 Minutes" interview.

President Donald Trump's former chief strategist will make his first post-White House TV appearance on CBS this Sunday, "and surprisingly, it is not as a corpse on 'NCIS,'" Colbert quipped Thursday night.

The comedian teased a clip of Bannon's CBS interview, in which Trump's former adviser defends the president's decision to terminate DACA even though Bannon is Catholic, which -- as Colbert pointed out -- is in direct opposition of the church's stance on the issue.

According to Bannon, "the Catholic church has been terrible at this" because "they need illegal aliens to fill the churches. It's obvious on the face of it."

"Yeah, it's obvious," Colbert said sarcastically, "that the church is just cynically welcoming in strangers who desperately need help so the bishops can get into Heaven. The fix is in. They're just buttering up the big guy. I mean, Jesus laid out the whole marketing strategy: 'Blessed are the meek, for they shall really fill up the pews. I'll take anybody. Peacemakers, lepers, Mexicans. Ka-ching!'"

Bannon went on to explain that the church, in this case, is "just another guy with an opinion."

"Yeah, Steve, and now that you're not at the White House, so are you," Colbert said, eliciting excitement from the audience.

Bannon told Rose he felt the media's portrayal of him was "accurate" and that "Donald Trump's a fighter, a great counter puncher," whom he vowed to be "wingman" to from outside the White House.

"That's not how a wingman works," Colbert pointed out. "You don't stand outside the bar with a bullhorn going, 'You're doing a great job, Brad! Ladies, my friend is great at sex! Get on that thing!'"

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