Trevor Noah Zeroes in On Next Disaster That Will Test Trump's Presidency: 'Hurricane Mueller'
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"Ladies, get you a man who wants you as bad as Mueller wants Manafort," the "Daily Show" host jokes.

It seems the United States is facing a new natural disaster every day, and Trevor Noah sees another big storm on the horizon: "Hurricane Mueller."

"Damn, Bob Mueller is relentless, he's like Trump's personal Freddy Krueger," the "Daily Show" host joked after identifying the Justice Department's special counsel in the Russia investigation as a potential disaster that could shut down the power of Trump's administration.

And as the investigation heats up, Noah urged ladies to find themselves a man who wants them as bad as Mueller wants Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

"The feds aren't just going after Paul Manafort, they're going hard," the comedian said on "The Daily Show" Thursday, describing Manafort as an "under-cooked Sylvester Stallone."

"Surprise visits in the middle of the night? All up in his phone? Ladies, get you a man who wants you as bad as Mueller wants Manafort," Noah joked.

Noah was reacting to the most recent news about Special Counsel Mueller's investigation into Manafort's activities, even requesting White House documents linked to Trump's firing of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former FBI Director James Comey .

After picking the lock on Manafort's front door and raiding his home, the feds wiretapped Manafort, copied his computer files and even took pictures of his expensive suits.

"What, what? That last one just sounds like the FBI's just window shopping. I'm not sure why they need to take pictures of his suits -- unless they're looking for crimes against fashion: 'Really? You're gonna wear a double-breasted suit with your figure, really? I think the Justice Department will have something to say about that,'" Noah joked.

Back when Manafort was running Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, he offered to set up a briefing with one of Russia's richest oligarchs closely connected with Vladimir Putin, which Noah pointed out doesn't necessarily prove Manafort did anything wrong.

"But ask yourself this," he said. "When has the phrase 'Russian oligarch' ever been a good thing? It's like the words 'a cappella concert' or 'unmarked van' or 'homemade condom: crocheted for her pleasure!'"

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