Miley Cyrus, The Rock, Jennifer Lopez and 4 More of Hollywood's Most Adorable Holiday Home Videos
How Hollywood Celebrated Christmas 2017

Beyonce dabbed, Miley Cyrus danced, Kaia Gerber choked, Drew Barrymore glided, and Tracee Ellis Ross... well, we're not sure what she was doing, but we love it!

Another Christmas has come and gone, and while everyone enjoys seeing and spending time with family -- or at least knows how to fake it -- sometimes it's nice to step away and spend the holidays with someone else's family. Who wouldn't want to spend Christmas with Dwayne "Dwanta Claus" Johnson? Well, apparently there's someone who appears to have had enough of dear old Dwanta.

The "Jumanji" star posted an adorable video of his daughter Jasmine, who just wasn't having any of his shenanigans. She was clearly in the zone and he was messing up her vibe. Bad Rock!

Photos are one thing, but they're so informal. We love it even more when our favorite stars open up their lives just a little bit more with videos, to let us in and let us experience some of the holiday joy with them. We're not sure anyone can top Johnson's video for sheer adorableness, but these six celebs, including a very unexpected video celebration from Beyonce, certainly gave it a shot!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwanta Claus made a surprise appearance at the Johnson household over the holiday break, but 2-year-old Jasmine wasn't having it. The Rock filmed himself visiting his daughter while she was painting, and he started singing "Here Comes Dwanta Claus." She very calmly and with no words simply walked over and closed the door on him. "No? Oh. Well, Merry Christmas," Johnson said through the closed door as she went back to her work in what might just be the cutest family exchange of the year.

Miley Cyrus

"The Voice" coach spent the holidays with her musical family, including younger sisters Noah and Brandi, and while Miley only offered a few pictures to her fans via Instagram, one moment was so monumental it simply had to to be captured on video. Miley Cyrus and the ladies of the Cyrus family coming together for a fully choreographed performance to NSYNC's throwback Christmas hit, "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays." Now we want to see Miley and family go on tour with the boys to recreate this epic moment on stage.

Drew Barrymore

I need a cinematographer credit #franksanddad

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Drew Barrymore went ice skating with her husband and daughter on Christmas, but even more impressive than that, she filmed her family while skating herself. All in all, she gave a masterful performance as a gliding cinematographer, even proclaiming that anyone who has ever filmed while on skates could call her "for solidarity." Anyone looking for a slip from the "Santa Clarita Diet" star will just have to keep looking, as her ice execution was flawless.

Tracee Ellis Ross


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"Black-ish" star Tracee Ellis Ross took it to a whole 'nother level with her Christmas post. It was so surreal and beautiful and ridiculous, words simply cannot do it justice. And so we will focus on the glory that is her flip-flops with socks combo with matching fanny pack. We kept waiting for her to break out in song, but we're just as happy with the absurdity we did get. Comedy gold right there!

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo kept it real with a simple pic of her opening a package of yoga tights. OK, we know it was more than likely brand placement as she is a social media "influencer," but whatever. She was genuinely happy to see them and it was still adorable to watch her open them and hold them up while getting excited about a beanie and going to yoga the next day. Make that money!

Kaia Gerber

dad always capturing our best moments. merry christmas!

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Cindy Crawford's model daughter, Kaia Gerber, went for a classically beautiful short video of her catching the falling snow in her mouth. Everything was going just perfectly, until she actually choked on some of the snow. How does that happen? She captioned the video, "Dad always capturing our best moments." We totally agree. In fact, we're still watching it on loop.


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And then there's Queen Bey, who went a totally new direction this year with her Christmas videos. Yes, fans were treated to three videos, but they were surely not what anyone was expecting. Who doesn't love the Snapchat and Instagram video filters that let you drop a photo of your face into a silly animation? If you ever wanted to see Beyonce dab in a Santa costume, this is your chance... and she's got two more just like it on her Instagram. It will change your life.

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