Hoda Kotb Replaces Matt Lauer on 'Today,' But Twitter Is Still Asking About Ann Curry
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Some NBC viewers just can't let go of Matt Lauer's short-lived "Today" co-host.

Savannah Guthrie has a new official "Today" show co-anchor: Hoda Kotb. The announcement was met with much rejoicing -- and yet if you listened beneath the roar you could hear a portion of the Twittersphere asking, "What about Ann Curry?"

While other media figures and most of America were applauding the decision to reward the longtime NBC personality with the promotion, there is still a contingent of "Today" viewers with longer memories. They got Ann Curry's name trending immediately after Matt Lauer's firing for sexual misconduct, and that chatter erupted again after the Kotb announcement.

Curry was co-host of "Today" for one year before getting fired on June 28, 2012 amid falling ratings. After her ouster, Lauer looked complicit and lost favor with viewers and ratings tanked even worse with incoming co-anchor Guthrie taking a lot of the heat as well. "Today" has been trying to right the ship ever since, and Curry moved on to form her own production company.

While Curry appears to be content in her post-"Today" life -- her PBS series "We'll Meet Again" premieres Jan. 23 -- her supporters are still there more than five years later to make sure we all remember Ann Curry. Here are some of their latest tweets, in the wake of the Kotb announcement:

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