'Vanderpump Rules' SURver Scuffle: Jax's Infidelity Sparks Tom and Ariana's 'Worst Fight' in History
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This might just be the most explosive episode to date.

"Vanderpump Rules" couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright threw a housewarming party for all their friends despite Jax's confession of infidelity, but it all hit the fan when Lala Kent and Ariana Madix presented Brittany with a new piece of evidence on Monday's episode.

A rather drunk Ariana apologized profusely as she and Lala handed Brittany Lala's phone, which contained audio footage of Jax telling Faith -- the former SUR server with whom he cheated -- that he doesn't want to marry Brittany or have children with her and that they have a sexless relationship.

An enraged (and also rather drunk) Brittany then ran inside and played the recording for everyone at the party, and when Tom Sandoval found out Ariana had anything to do with the debacle, he was livid.

The two engaged in a screaming match before Ariana stormed out, yelling, "Keep having Jax's back, you f-cking dick!"

The drama continued the next day as Tom, Ariana and Lala hungoverly pieced together what exactly went down the night before.

"Brittany told us she wants to know everything," Ariana explained to Tom.

"That's fine," Tom replied. "Not at f-cking 1:15 a.m. after she's been drinking all night. I think it was in really poor taste."

"I can't deal with when I'm trying to be the best friend I can be to everybody and then for you to question like who I am as a person like really f-cking hurt me because I'm not always gonna have the best answer all the time," Ariana said. "I cannot deal with someone telling me that I'm making shit up. I literally sat here and tried to explain as best I could every little thing that went into it. The one person whose opinion means the most to me is telling me that they're disappointed in me."

"All I'm saying is take f-cking responsibility for your f-cking actions!" he fired back. "That's all I'm asking! And you don't do that ever in our f-cking relationship."

"I think we should just break the f-ck up," Ariana finally said. Neither she nor Sandoval took the suggestion seriously, but things did get worse before they got better. Tom and Ariana later agreed that was the "worst fight" they've ever had.

But perhaps more cringe-worthy than Tom and Ariana's fight was the one that followed -- between Jax and Brittany.

"I have no words," Jax said to Brittany the morning after the party. "I honestly have no words about what you pulled last night."

"I know I shouldn't have played the recording in front of everybody, but I had no idea that I was even gonna hear that," Brittany said. "Everything was going just fine."

"There's just no excuse," he replied. "You gave me your word as a woman that you said it was gonna be you and me. You brought it up in front of everybody. Take responsibility for your own actions. You could've said, 'No, I'm not doing that.' You could've said no. You could've said no. You shouldn't have brought it up."

"I was hammered!" Brittany said.

"Even Tom and Tom were going off on Ariana and everybody because what they did was so wrong," Jax continued. "It was so wrong in so many ways. In my house."

"I'm the one who got hurt here," Brittany reminded him. "I was drunk and I was pissed off. And I have the right to be."

"Yes, you have a right to do it between you and I," Jax yelled back. "I am not dating f-cking the rest of this f-cking group! You f-cking dug below the belt."

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Monday nights on Bravo.

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