'RHONY' Bad Apple of the Week: Tinsley's Beef With Sonja Sparks Bethenny's Feud With Carole
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Bethenny breaks down the root of her problems with Carole after a dinner blowout.

On Wednesday's "Real Housewives of New York," Tinsley Mortimer's ongoing feud with Sonja Morgan set off Bethenny Frankel, which in turn sparked a situation with once-BFF Carole Radziwill.

Tinsley's feelings toward Sonja are nothing new. They've been on the outs since Sonja started telling people she was a "kept woman." Tinsley has since grown closer to Carole, while Bethenny has grown closer to Sonja. See where this is going?

The pot boiled over during a dinner all four attended on tonight's episode. When Bethenny noticed Sonja looked left out, she chatted with her about her issues with Tinsley. Sonja expressed how sad she was that their friendship had dissipated and felt Tinsley was not grateful that she opened up her home and her friend group to her in her time of need. Bethenny then took it upon herself to call out Tinsley from across the table.

"Looking at it from the outside in and being objective, you came to New York, and it appeared that you were, like, at the bottom," Bethenny said to Tinsley.

"Emotionally," Carole interjected.

"But I'm really talking to [Tinsley]," Bethenny told Carole, who tried to explain her reasoning for chiming in. "Did you think I said at the bottom of the universe? What did you think I meant?" Bethenny fired at Carole.

The conversation between Sonja and Tinsley quickly turned into a screaming match between Bethenny and Tinsley, and when Bethenny told Tinsley to quiet down, Carole chimed in again.

"We've all screamed before," Carole said to Bethenny. "You're a screamer."

"Carole, you always defend the person sitting next to you," Bethenny said. "Give it a rest! You can't even acknowledge that she's screaming?"

"I told her to calm down, Bethenny!" Carole fired back. "I told her to talk quieter. Did you not hear me? Like, why are you on me? Like, get off my jock!"

"I love you and I care about you and you're a good friend, but you have a pattern of -- whether it's me or Heather or Tinsley -- you don't say your own thing. You just chime into what the other person's saying."

"I feel like Carole doesn't have her own voice," Bethenny later said. "It's always, like, on someone else's behalf. I don't think she really has her own identity in that way."

Luann de Lesseps, who witnessed the blowout, said, "I definitely think that what's going on between Tinsley and Sonja is not what is causing the issues between Bethenny and Carole. There's something going on between them."

Bethenny spoke to Dorinda Medley about her feelings toward Carole in a later exchange, telling her that she never got a good vibe from Carole's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Adam. Adam, who's a photographer, also allegedly turned down Bethenny's offer to join her and her relief team in Puerto Rico because he wanted compensation for his time.

"Do you think it changed your relationship with Carole? This Adam thing? A little bit?" Dorinda asked.

"I think it's a combination of -- this summer, I was really knee-deep in Puerto Rico," Bethenny said. "She didn't really take an interest in it. It just seemed like she was on her own page with Tinsley and Adam. We were totally on different pages. It occurred to me that we don't have that much in common. I think she does have more in common with Tinsley in the fact that Carole isn't married, doesn't have kids and she doesn't have a career."

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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