Katy Perry is All of Us Hanging with the Cast at the 'Westworld' Season 2 Premiere

It was a bittersweet episode for good ol' Teddy, and we got a bloody tour of Shogunworld.

Maeve sure is leveling up like a nerd grinding through "World of Warcraft:" through unrelenting dedication and having complicated relationships surrounding moms.

'Westworld' was great yet again, and we really hope they keep to this every-other week schedule for the storylines. It was easy to follow, brutal, and chugging right along.

Speaking of chugging, let’s all grab a tall glass of the Kool-Aid, because we’re about to convince you of some really weird, out-there stuff about this show!


Is Maeve’s Daughter Actually Her Daughter?

Oh man, if this is one of the major twists of the season, we hope you don’t mind us ruining it. We keep getting vibes from the writer, Lee, that Maeve’s daughter doesn’t exist -- or not exactly how she remembers her.

If the Ghost Nation doesn’t kill humans, her memory of the Ghost Nation coming to get her and her daughter might not be the full story. What if her daughter is actually a human, and they were there to rescue her because Maeve broke and was trying to keep her as her own?

We haven’t seen any other human children in the park though, so this one is still a stretch, but check out Lee’s reactions every time Maeve brings up the daughter.

Though, we wonder what the Man in Black has to do with it.

What’s Maeve’s Jedi Mind-Trick Range?

Guys, Maeve is legit the only sentient one here, right? We’re still not convinced that Delores and Teddy are on anything but one of Ford’s final storylines, which include getting people to upgrade themselves.

Tonight we saw a brand new trick from Maeve, where she could control other hosts just with her mind! Wild. But, we’re afraid she’s becoming too powerful to be interesting, so we hope they keep her Jedi mind trick to a limited range -- if she can just control all the hosts on the network at will, what’s stopping her for real?

Who Is Bernard?

No really, who is he? Has he been on the show this whole time? Just kidding, we know who he is -— but as we’re looking at him gazing at Teddy’s body as the rest of the drowned hosts are brought into the underground tunnel, who is inside of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright)? Could that Bernard have the red-human consciousness ball (that the robo-Bernard made) in his head at this point?

Is it Arnold, looking upon his creations and all the destruction?

Is it Ford, witnessing his final storyline getting out of hand?

Is it Johnny 5, from "Short Circuit?"

Only time will tell. Having Johnny 5 show up would be one hell of a welcomed twist.

How Did Guests Not Get Stabbed in Shogunworld From the Beginning?

Like, we barely understand how the bullets don’t kill guests in Westworld, but how are you gonna explain to us that a sharp sword that cuts through hosts won’t cut through guests?

If there’s a Futureworld, we can probably figure out how the lasers work, but we have no idea about the melee weapons in Shogunworld -- or a Medievalworld if there is one!

The Shogun Was Leaking Fluid Just Like Someone Else

And we aren’t talkin’ about Teddy after that sex scene! HEYYOOO. Good for him, and good for her. Cyclops got booty!

Anyway, it’s interesting that we’ve seen Bernard leaking fluid in the same exact way as the Shogun, and that Maeve had no power over him to control or awaken him. Can the same be said about Bernard? Is he actually just on another storyline?

Maybe it just means they’re broken.

Ghost Nation Update: Still Up To Something, But We Have Another Development

Remember when Maeve tried to control the Ghost Nation as they tried to take Lee? We found out tonight that her commands don’t work unless she’s speaking the host’s language, so maybe that’s why she couldn’t control them, not because she’s unable to.

Still, how the Ghost Nation refuses to kill humans and only seems to kill hosts, we’re willing to bet there’s still something up with them on a larger level!

Great episode! See you next week!

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