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The silver lining on their split: "When you get in an argument about something, you don't have to go home together."

Tarek and Christina El Moussa return to HGTV tonight for their first "Flip or Flop" episode since announcing their separation, and there's definitely some palpable tension between the two in the season premiere.

Despite their separation, the two decided to go full steam ahead with their reality show, with 15 new episodes highlighting the ups and downs of working with an ex. Right off the bat, however, things get a little awkward as the two rib each other about their dating lives, appearance and work before Christina nearly walks out.

"Something that we deal with now is Tarek wants to be more involved in design and it's something that's new to me," Christina told TooFab, teasing their first fight of the season. "I think during that particular episode, he was shooting down some of my ideas and I just got frustrated and I just ended up being like, 'Forget it,' and walking away. But we were able to talk it out, resolve it, and I just have to remember that it's different now and I may not always win and I kind of just need to adjust."

Christina said Tarek's new interest in design was one of the more challenging aspects about filming together, admitting, "We're definitely butting heads a little bit on that stuff." But, at the end of the day, it's easier to shake off those disagreements now, as she joked, "I guess when you get in an argument about something, you don't have to go home together."

TooFab's seen a sneak peek at the first episode, where the two certainly talk more about their personal lives more than ever before. Christina believes fans of the show will be open to seeing that side of them and it may even attract some first-time watchers too.

"I think it's a good thing because it's more relatable and it is real life and it was the elephant in the room before," she explained. "I think it's good, it's going to be a good thing, people will enjoy it and it's still focused around a house, still has amazing before and afters, there's just a little touch of personal with it. I think it might bring some new fans in, different audiences that enjoy a little more of the reality TV side of it are really going to like it as well."

"I think there's a lot of people that are in business together that have had gone through separations and yeah, it can be hard and challenging," she added. "But, especially for people who have children together, at the end of the day we'll always be in each other's lives and it's best to make it all work."

Read more of our Q&A with Christina below. "Flip or Flop" kicks off Thursday, May 31 at 9pm on HGTV.

Did you think about stepping away from the show after the separation/how serious did you consider that route?

We were filming while we were going through it. We were just kind of going through the motions and continuing to work together, coparent, so it was just kind of happening quickly. When we were presented with the option of doing another season, we each thought about it individually, we talked about it and decided it was best for our business and our children for us to continue working together and I'm glad we did.

How do you think you've changed coming into this season, or what you've discovered about yourself?

I just discovered that I just really have to be grounded and know who I am, it's been a whirlwind the past two years. There's been so many stories and nonsense on social media, so I've really focused on my family, my close friends and trying to stay grounded through all of it.

Where do you see the show going from here?

We're just gonna see what happens when it airs, what the feedback is and go from there.

You mentioned some of the crazy tabloid stories out there as well, do you think the show will kind of clear things up?

It could go either way, you never know! I hope so, but we'll see.

You've been doing a lot of speaking engagements recently, are there other areas you might want to venture into?

I'm actually in the works on a couple different things I'm going to announce in the next couple months, I'm super excited. A hint on one is the wellness/nutrition space.

Any final message to the fans who have been supporting you since season 1?

We're just super grateful, I've gotten so much positive feedback. Yeah, occasionally there's negative stuff, but that even happened before the split. Ive gotten a lot of messages from women that are going through a split or a breakup and they just appreciated how positive I've been throughout the whole thing and never bashing Tarek or saying anything negative and just being a positive role model for my children and other females.

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