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"I've been standing in the middle of the stage and watched my feet sink into the stage," the "Incredibles 2" star says.

Samuel L. Jackson has successfully acted on stage while tripping on acid, but he doesn't recommend it.

"That's definitely one of the things not to do," he told Jimmy Kimmel Monday night while discussing his training in college. Apparently he started challenging his mental cognition on stage with weed and booze, then worked his way up to the psychedelic drug at the behest of his teachers.

"I had teachers who told me things like, 'If you want to be great, you have to learn how to be drunk and high and still do the play, 'cause that's like all the great ones do,'" the actor said. "So we tried it. We did it. You drink a little wine, smoke a little weed and go on stage. And when you get through that, you're kinda confident and you go, 'That was alright. Let's try some acid.'"

While he was grinning and laughing throughout the interview with the ABC late-night host, it doesn't sound like Jackson was kidding. In fact, the Oscar nominee eluded to dropping acid while acting numerous times.

He explained he would take the drug a half hour before going on stage and then was "ready to party" after the curtain closed two hours later, but sometimes it kicked in sooner than expected.

"I've been standing in the middle of the stage and watched my feet sink into the stage, and you just kinda staring at your feet, and you hear your line and you go, 'Oh, I gotta speak.' And you speak and you take your feet up outta the floor," he joked.

Jackson -- who has a stunning 178 acting credits on his very impressive resume -- has been busy promoting his latest movie, "The Incredibles 2," and it's been very entertaining to watch. Just last week he taught Ellen DeGeneres how to curse like "a motherf--ker."

We're crossing our fingers the actor teaches his next host how to curse like a pro while on acid.

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