New 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Meets His First Three Bachelorettes on 'Ellen'
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Ellen surprised the former NFL player by introducing him to three of the women who will compete for his heart when "The Bachelor" premieres in January.

Ellen DeGeneres surprised the next "Bachelor," Colton Underwood, with an unexpected introduction to three of the women who will be battling it out for his affections on Thursday's "Ellen."

But it couldn't be as simple as trotting them out and having them parade in front of Colton and make weird greetings. That's what "The Bachelor" premiere is for. That kind of makes us wonder what these three women will have to say? "Remember when Ellen dropped me into a pit of eternal darkness? That's an opener!

But before he could even get that far, Ellen needed to know a little bit more about Colton. More than the fact that he's a virgin, which everyone seems to know and everyone can't seem to stop talking about. Don't worry, Ellen talked about it, too. In fact, she wanted to know his thoughts on the show's infamous fantasy suites," considering his status.

"I'm looking forward to the fantasy suites," Colton said, to which she laughed and said, "I'll bet you are!"

"You can do more in the fantasy suites than just have sex," Colton tried to say. "I mean, we can play board games, we can hang out." But the audience wasn't buying that at all. Seasoned "Bachelor" fans, this crew.

Colton was very earnest about what he's looking for, and it's more than just a wife. He apparently wants to have a whole brood of children, declining to put a number on how many children he wants to have. "I feel like I was born to be a dad so I'm literally super excited for this," he said.

And fans worried about how serious some of Colton's storylines got on both "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" needn't be concerned. "My motto for the season is to just live in the moment and be present," he said. ""I just want to relax and have some fun."

That may be his plan, but there are a bunch of women who have their own plans for this endeavor, too.

Three of them were all smiles when Ellen rolled them out atop her "Know or Go" box. In order to meet Colton, they'd have to answer some questions. The last woman standing was the only one who got to come out and actually hug and greet the new "Bachelor."

But they did all get to answer a cheesy question to start things off.

Sydney had to give Colton her best pickup line, and it was a bit of a disaster. "Did you just fall from Heaven or are you an angel?" she said, realizing immediately that it made no sense. She didn't know how many chambers were in the human heart, either, so it was the darkness for her.

Katie did a little better when she planned a food-focused first date for them, but faltered when it came time to finish the classic poem, "Roses are red, violets are blue, Colton is sweet--" Katie jumped in with, "And so am I!" But that didn't rhyme and so the pit got another soul to devour.

Annie, who squealed in fear each time her fellow bachelorettes fell into the pits, fared better. Colton's most attractive feature to her was his love of dogs and her quick save when asked how many points a touchdown earns got her some respect from Colton.

Still, there was only one way down. "No, I don't wanna fall," Annie lamented. But she was all smiles when she came out from behind the box and gave Colton a hug. So that's your front-runner, Vegas odds makers. Do what you will with it.

Colton Underwood's season of "The Bachelor" premiers in January 2019.

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