Kelly Dodd Lashes Out at 'RHOC' Co-Star Vicki Gunvalson: 'She's So Hypocritical In Every Sense of Her Being'
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Dodd also doubles down on her comments about Emily's "dork" husband and explains why she and some of the cast members "baby" Shannon.

Kelly Dodd is still beefing with her "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-star, Vicki Gunvalson, for breaking "girl code."

Earlier this season, Kelly found out from a friend that Vicki had gone on a double date with her ex-husband, Michael Dodd. The very next episode, Vicki apologized, and the two seemingly moved on -- but it would appear the feud is still very much alive.

Kelly stopped by TooFab last week, and the second we told her that Vicki had been in our studio right before the Season 13 premiere, Kelly blurted out, "What'd she say? That I want a billionaire? I'm pretty sure she said that."

The spitfire jab was in reference to an appearance Vicki made on "Watch What Happens Live" last month, during which she told Andy Cohen that Kelly "would never date a trash collector or a public service man" and that she "divorced a millionaire hoping for a billionaire."

During her interview with TooFab, Vicki said she had gone on more double dates with Michael since initially apologizing to Kelly for doing so. She also said she felt Kelly was "still in love" with him.

"Am I still in love with Michael? I'm the one who 'wanted the divorce,' apparently to her, and that I 'yelled' at him all the time," Kelly told TooFab regarding Vicki's comments. "She's so hypocritical in every sense of her being. She says one thing, and then she says another. It's just unbelievable. So, no, I'm not in love with Michael."

When asked about her explosive encounter with Emily Simpson's husband, Shane, at Tamra Judge's house, Kelly shouted, "Dork! Twerp! Dork!" before we could even finish the question.

"It's so ridiculous because I did not really even hear her say, 'This is my husband, Shane,'" she added, taking on a slightly more serious tone. "I didn't even know his name. I don't even remember meeting him! I love how they go back and they show, 'Kelly previously, 30 minutes before, meeting Shane.' I didn't really put two and two together. I have ADD! Like, I don't pay attention to half the things that people say."

Kelly said if she had known in the moment that Shane was Emily's husband, she "probably wouldn't have reacted that way."

"I probably wouldn't have called him a dork, even though I probably would've thought it," she said, adding that she wasn't ashamed to watch back the cringe-worthy moment.

"He's a dork! He's a dork. He's a twerp," she repeated. "Like, he shouldn't have gotten involved. I stand by my statement. That guy had no business getting involved in my biz."

All season long, "RHOC" fans have been harping on Kelly, Tamra and Vicki for "babying" Shannon Beador, who was in the midst of a nasty divorce during filming. Kelly copped to it because she "can't help but feel sorry for Shannon" -- but said the coddling has its limits.

"I feel like we baby her to a point, and then we know that we're starting to enable her," she said. "There's a threshold. We baby her because we feel sorry for her because you can't help but feel sorry for Shannon. I mean, she's really sensitive and soft and sweet and she has all these great qualities, but we also know it's kind of self-absorbed -- that she's all about herself -- but she doesn't mean to be. It's not malicious. She's just so wrapped up in her head that she doesn't see what she does."

At the end of the day, however, Kelly feels Shannon is a "great friend" who's in a "wonderful place." Kelly says Shannon's got herself "a little boyfriend" and that the two have even been vacationing together.

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