'The View' Unloads on Twitter as Meghan McCain Details Horrific Meme of Her After Father's Death
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The cohosts call out Twitter for failing to deal with threats in an acceptable manner.

Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey were slammed by the women of "The View" on Thursday, as they criticized how the social media network has failed when it comes to hate speech.

While they'll have a new policy to address "dehumanizing language" rolling out later this year, it's too little, too late to the show's cohosts.

"I think the issue Twitter has always had, Twitter has 500 million tweets a day, there is no way to police it," said Sunny Hostin. "I don't understand why 12 years in, they have no protocol."

Meghan McCain then referenced a recent online attack she was the target of following the death of her father. She explained how a meme was made out of a photo of her grieving for the late John McCain, with someone adding a gun to the picture, pointed at her head.

According to McCain, the "only reason" the photo was eventually taken down was because her husband knew the right people to call to make it happen.

"[Jack Dorsey] said he would apologize to me, he has not," she said, angrily, "for adding more pain in my life during the worst point of time in my life. Technology has real ramifications, it made that experience exponentially more painful."

"What if you are somebody who lives in Ohio who has something like this doctored who doesn't have this kind of access?" she then asked. "They have to do better, they have to do better than this."

Hostin said she was also targeted online by someone who said she "should be lynched," which Twitter, at first, allegedly did nothing about.

"I e-mailed Twitter and basically they were like, sorry, it doesn't violate our policies," said Hostin, adding that the power of ABC News eventually got it removed.

"We still live in a civilized society where you can't have death threats against people after their father dies and keep it up," McCain reiterated.

The troubling stories kept coming, as Abby Huntsman said she's received messages from people saying they "want to chop up my body into pieces and watch me drown in my own blood," as well as "threats against my own children."

"I recently had coffee with Jack Dorsey, I think he's over his head," she continued. "He understands there's a problem. The problem is, where do you draw that line on free speech. I would say, if you're sexist, racist, if you're threatening someone's life, is that not enough?"

According to Twitter's current hateful conduct policy, users "may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories."

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