'RHOC' Juice: Emily's Mother-In-Law Sets Tamra Off, Leads to All-Out War and Severed Friendship
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Last week, the former friends took turns attacking each other on social media, but the catalyst of the problem was unclear -- until now.

We finally know what went down between "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars Tamra Judge and Emily Simpson that seemingly severed their friendship.

Last week, the former friends took turns attacking each other on social media, but the catalyst of the problem was unclear. Tamra started it all by making vague references to something Emily's mother-in-law said about her husband. On Monday night's episode, all our questions were answered.

"I absolutely hate when castmembers make shit up to be relevant," Tamra said last week. "Eddie has met Pary twice, a couple months prior to this party, where he sat at her house (while I filmed Emily's kid's birthday party) and talked with her and her husband for hours about working out. And she's been to our studio. Clearly, she was told to say that."

So here's what happened: Emily hosted a party at her home. Tamra brought Eddie. Upon walking in, the two said hello to Emily and her mother-in-law, Pary.

"I recognize you. Son!" Pary said to Eddie. Tamra -- who is six years older than her husband -- brushed it off with a joke but did seem rather taken aback. "Yeah, I brought my son," she said.

Gina Kirschenheiter, who had just arrived, heard the exchange and whispered, "Are you kidding me?" to Tamra as the two hugged hello.

"I'm sorry!" Pary said as she hugged Eddie. "But it is good. He looks like your son."

Tamra was visibly uncomfortable with the whole exchange. With a hint of sarcasm, she replied to Pary, "My son has no hair, and my other son's blonde, so okay."

Moments later, Tamra's oldest son, Ryan arrived. She hugged him and said, "Hello, son. My actual real son's here." You could tell she was very annoyed, which prompted her to lash out on Twitter, which prompted Emily to respond.

"My mother-in-law is 73. She has met a lot of new people this season, and I'm sure she was confused. She was never told to say that," Emily asserted last week.

More overt drama eventually unfolded at Emily's party, and it occurred at the hands of Tamra, Gina and Shannon Beador -- who have been going in circles about who said what to whom during Gina and Emily's weird exchange a few weeks back.

"I wanna make one thing very, very clear," Shannon said to Gina. "I blew up at a dinner party after a few shots. I am completely mentally sane."

"I'm concerned based off of what your friends are saying -- and the way that you're acting," Gina said. That did not sit well with Shannon.

"Can I tell you what I'm a little bit concerned about, Gina?" she shot back. "I'm thinking you're kind of a pot-stirrer. You told Emily that I said she was in an abusive marriage, which never came out of my mouth."

Gina maintained she never said that.

"You tried to put me in the responsible part for Emily threatening to kill Kelly, which is outrageous," Shannon continued.

In the moment, Tamra told Bravo cams she felt Shannon gets "stuck" as a result of "internalizing everything."

"She's like my ex-husband!" Tamra said. "If she's pissed off about something I said 10 years ago, I'm still hearing about it!"

From a viewer's perspective, it seemed like Gina was only spilling this "tea" to Shannon in an effort to get on her good side. And when Tamra finally got to watch the exchange for herself, she felt the same way.

"To me, as I watch it, that's what I see it like," she told TooFab last week. "It's like, 'Hey, now we're friends, let's team up.' It was really a weird situation because she's never been close to Shannon, ever. So for her to say, 'Oh, I'm so worried about your mental state,' but yet, prior to that, all she was doing was shit-talking Shannon? It wasn't cool at all, especially when she had [cosmetic eye] surgery a few days prior. She just wanted to get her upset."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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