Timothee Chalamet Explains That Golden Globes 'Harness,' Locking His Mom Outside Naked
Every Must-See Red Carpet Look from the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

"I have things to make up for," the "Beautiful Boy" star told "Ellen" before sharing a prank on his mom that went horribly wrong.

Timothee Chalamet dropped by "Ellen" on Friday to dish about his awards-worthy performance in "Beautiful Boy," but Ellen DeGeneres was more interested in that harness thing he wore to the Golden Globes that everyone was talking about.

The actor certainly grabbed the attention of social media with his unique ensemble, but he had no idea what he had started. "I thought it was a bib," he explained. "They told me it was a bib."

The all-black ensemble and sparkly bib was the creation of Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh, and the company even came out with a statement, as reported by Vogue UK, confirming that this was not what everyone thought it was.

"I had a friend send me a thing," Chalamet said. "Like sex dungeon culture is a thing where you wear harnesses, so uh...

"I didn't do it for that reason."

Big props to Chalamet, though, for stealing the fashion limelight away from the women. It's rare that a man's look can garner this kind of attention, and a welcome style evolution.

It's about time men's style expanded beyond suits and ties, and we're looking to young Hollywood like Chalamet -- and the fantastic fashion-forward cast of "Black Panther" -- to lead the charge.

Chalamet had his beaming mother on his arm, which may be part of his "make up" tour with her. She was all smiles on the Globes red carpet, but we imagine she was the red one after an epic prank gone wrong on a cruise he went on with his mother when he was younger.

"We were pulling into port once and she was getting out of the shower," he said. "She was drying herself off and she went on the balcony just to kind of go like 'Woo!'" Basically, she was being cheeky and decided to enjoy a brief and empowering moment of nudity. At least, brief was the plan.

"To be funny, I locked the balcony door and pretended to be leaving the room. I thought it'd really be funny if I actually left the room, like gave it a minute or two minutes or something," Chalamet said. But that's when it all went so wrong as he stepped out of their room only to realize he didn't have his room key.

And if you're weirded out by the fact his mother was naked in the story, Chalamet did finally realize you might feel that way. "She was naked, yeah," he said. "That's not like a weird thing when you're prepubescent, right? Maybe I shouldn't have brought that up."

"I have things to make up for," he confessed to Ellen.

We suspect his mother took it mostly in the spirit it was intended, and can probably look back now and laugh more than she could then. Plus, taking her as his date to the Golden Globes is pretty cool, so that's one step in the right direction.

Wearing what the internet decided was a sex harness with her on his arm might be a half-step backward, but at least he's still moving in the right direction.

And with awards-nominated performances in back-to-back years at only 23 years old ("Call Me By Your Name" in 2017 and "Beautiful Boy" this year), he's got plenty of years ahead of him to make things square with mom.

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