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The judges have all kinds of crazy theories, but we're trying really hard to ignore them as we lock in our final guesses.

"The Masked Singer" was back with another round of competition and an unmasking that left the panel baffled as not one of them had ever guessed who it really was.

In their defense, most of their guesses throughout this season have been awful at best, but still pretty entertaining. We're not gonna lie, but the panel reactions and guesses are some of our favorite parts of this show.

It probably wouldn't be nearly as big of a hit if we didn't get to laugh and guess alongside Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. Joel McHale rejoined them again this week, but he's clearly been with them too long as his guesses started falling in line with theirs.

In the judges' defense, it's been pretty difficult to hone down our own guesses and we're not having to do it live and on the spot. But we are a little better at remembering that there were other clues before this latest clue.

Okay, never mind. Sometimes their train-of-thought guessing makes us want to reach through the TV and give them a good shaking. Some thought processes can stay inside your heads, guys. Take a beat. Realize that someone who said she started singing in the 1950s is not going to be Beyonce.

Also none of these people is going to be Beyonce.

Once again, the weakest performer of the night got the boot, but we're going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses for everyone before we reveal who it is. We do this because we love ... to torture you.


Knocked it out of the amusement park, where he worked when he was younger. Said he found safety in a group, but felt boxed in at times. Yes, the panel went that quickly from "boy band" to " a boxer."

They also thought child actor at one point, throwing out Corey Feldman. "Feldman can't sing like that," Ken said, shooting down that theory. It's a solid one from the Internet, too, but the *NSYNC references and hints are just getting way too strong to ignore.

And if you add these new deets to clues from his first appearance including that he's used to singing in synch and said, "It's gonna be me" and we're still in love with the idea that this is Joey Fatone. There was even a hot dog reference, and Fatone totally opened a hot dog restaurant in Orlando named Fat One's.

On top of that, he worked at Universal Studios out of high school and, for real, "It's Gonna Be Me" is the name of an NSYNC song! So we at least know we're in the NSYNC business, right?

The Internet jumped on the same bandwagon, with Fatone dominating their guesses, followed by JC Chasez (a great backup guess) and Lance Bass before they started stretching into Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.


Last time, Alien told us she came from a famous family packed with sisters that appeared to have five key members. This week, she said she was young before the family knew her and her family's name.

She was hurt that the panel didn't think she was a professional singer and said that while we might thing she's out of fashion, she's going to rise above all of that, pushing herself to the limit and showing what she's capable of.

Robin is still thinking model, naming Bella Hadid, but Nick confirming that she's tiny basically throws every model theory out the window. Y'all know models are notoriously tall, right? Or at the very least, they're not "little."

Ken Jeong tossed out Paula Abdul, and we've heard worse theories, but we think Nicole Scherzinger is starting to pick up what we've been putting down when she got "Jackson vibes" from the performance. Our money is still on Latoya Jackson.

The internet isn't quite done with the Kardashian theory, thinking both Kendall and Kourtney, but of the two, only Kourtney would fit in the short arms and legs of that outfit. They also thought Paris Hilton, but she's 5'8". How does her diminutive size keep going over the panel's head?


We were pretty confident this was Ricki Lake last time due to talk show clues and that she'd suffered a tragic loss recently. She made a "higher the hair" reference, which also clued us into "Hairspray," which Lake starred in, and "Don't cry, baby" could be a reference to her film "Cry-Baby."

This week, she suggested she grew up in a small town where her beauty wasn't recognized until a man came and discovered her. The package also featured the year 1968 prominently on a television screen, which just happens to be the year Lake was born.

Props to Joel McHale for thinking it was Lady Gaga because she sang "Bad Romance." That's how you fit into this panel. Take one clue and go in the most obvious direction even if it makes no sense at all.

Nicole showed him how it's done by admitting, "It's a bit obvious, but Raven-Symone?"

Nope, it's totally Ricki Lake. We see it, the internet sees it. Jenny McCarthy was absolutely positive it was Sherri Shepherd because of the comment about being taken from her flock, but she was born in '67.

Did we mention Lake was born in Hastings-on-Hudson and she said made a Hudson reference in her package this week? Our bad, that's because we were just so sure it was Ricki Lake we didn't think we'd have to argue with Jenny McCarthy about it.


New hints about Poodle included the word "justice," so Jenny went, "Okay, she's a judge." Just like that, huh? She also talked about practicing new material, which more properly put them on standup comedians.

Hey, Nicole, Amy Poehler is not a standup comic. Not all comedians are standups. Totally different things. And she totally told a joke to her group, but she did drop "verdict" in there, so there's a legal angle of some kind.

This San Francisco native (or she's from there) told us last time she was highly intelligent and liked to take on different characters on stage, and that she's known for a different talent than her musical family. She also dropped other stand-up hints, as well as a rainbow motif.

But then she looked fit, so the panel started theorizing about trainers with Jenny McCarthy shooting out Jillian Michaels, but we don't think she can sing this well. And the justice clues are not about Judge Judy, Robin. Just no.

For us, all of the clues lead to a new front-runner in standup comic and actress Margaret Cho. The legal stuff is still a little sketchy, but she did play a paralegal recently on Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva."

Cho is also a passionate advocate for the legalization of same-sex marriage and fighting for LGBTQ rights, with fits the lyrics from "Time After Time" Robin Thicke pointed out about catching you if you fall.

The last clue, "I have been fired multiple times" got the panel on Kathy Griffin, which remains a respectable guess as well, though there is no San Fran connection that we can see, other than. the LGTBQ connection, and that advocacy remains. Plus, she said they were getting hot on her tail afterward, so maybe they're right?


The Bee has been at it since the 1950s, described herself as "empress" and a big deal from another generation, which totally had us in the Gladys Knight business. This week didn't change our minds as she doubled down on not being from this generation.

A "flip the script" comment got the judges buzzing, but we were more fixated on the peach that dropped in the video behind her as our pick was born in Atlanta. As she performed, Robin and Jenny both thought they recognized her by her vibrato, which is quite a skill.

But then they both dropped Gladys Knight and maybe they're not as crazy as we've been saying.

Nicole added Dionne Warwick and Patti LaBelle. Her clue was, "Take me to court," which got Ken thinking the Supremes, but we can't reckon any of them well with the other clues.


In the end, the vote released the Poodle and we got to see if it was Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin or someone else entirely. But while Jenny had to eat crow on her Griffin guess, no one was more embarrassed than Ken Jeong because none of them ever made the right guess.

But the internet was all over this from her first appearance and it totally was Margaret Cho, the groundbreaking and legendary comedian.

"The Masked Singer" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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